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Brown Butter Pineapple Corn Muffin in one of the most delightful flavor and crunch of cornmeal absolutely bursting with dried pineapple soft and crunchy pieces lingering in your mouth. Cornmeal is a very vital ingredient giving an excellent texture and flavor to the muffin. Muffin is an American English name for a type of quick break that is baked in small portions similar to a cup cake in shape.

Muffins usually are not as sweet as cupcakes and generally lack frosting. There are a variety of flavorful muffins that one can make with specific ingredients such as blueberries, chocolate chips, cinnamon, pumpkin, lemon, banana, orange, peach, strawberry, almond and carrot etc baked into the muffin. These small bite sized cakes are often eaten for breakfast or served for tea or at other meals.

They are very popular among kids as they are small, attractive to look and delicious to eat. Classic English muffin is a type of light bread leavened with yeast. It is usually baked in a flat-sided disc-shaped tin, typically about 8 cm in diameter. Muffins are usually split in two, toasted and served with butter. Traditionally muffins were toasted in front of an open fire or stove, using a toasting fork.

Muffins are also served as a snack at coffee shops and diners, or split and filled in a manner similar to a sandwich. Muffins made from cornmeal are very popular all over United States. Though corn muffins can simply be muffin shaped cornbread, corn muffins tend to be sweeter. Similar to the pan variety, corn muffins can be eaten with butter or as a side dish with stews or chili.

Muffin cups or moulds are round sheets of paper, foil, silicone, or metal, with scallop-pressed edges, giving the muffin a round cup shape. They are used in the baking of muffins to line the bottoms of muffin tins, to facilitate the easy removal of the finished muffin from the tin. The advantage to cooks is easier removal and cleanup, more precise form, and moister muffins; however, using them will prevent a crust.

Brown butter pineapple corn muffins has an intoxicating browned butter aroma, little chewy bits of dried pineapple which makes the muffins heavenly, refreshing and mouth watering. This muffin recipe is classic with the use of cornmeal. Cornmeal is flour made by grounded dried corn and has a really cool texture and taste. It is used to prevent from sticking and for extra crunchiness.

This incredible recipe surprises you with 3 exotic elements that include strong butter flavor, a nice sweetness from the dried pineapple and an excellent texture from the cornmeal. It is an amazing recipe without sugar and all the sweetness will be from the dried pineapples. It’s a remarkable recipe recommended for people who do not like sweet stuff. Pineapple is a tremendous tropical treat. Though Hawaii is known for its pineapple, Taiwan and Thailand have become popular sources too.

To make this snack, dried sweet pineapples are best or the pineapple fruit is peeled and sliced into various sizes and soaked in a sweet mixture that gives it a nice bite. These pineapple chunks are bigger than the pineapple dice used in baking and perfect for a snack.

They are commonly found in health food stores as a more natural dessert treat. Just like the dried pineapple rings, only cut into smaller chunks. Perfect for snacking or for baking and preserved in a sweet glaze that highlights the muffins.

Cornmeal flour is a coarse flour ground from dried maize or American corn and is a common staple food in United States. The cornmeal flour is extensively used for making breads (corn bread), corn fritters, as breakfast cereal or making fried fish.

To prepare this appetizing Brown Butter Pineapple Corn Muffin, firstly chop ¾ cup dried sweetened pineapple finely or use dried unsweetened pineapple plus ½ cup sugar. Throw 1 stick (1/2 cup) of unsalted butter in a heavy sauce pan on medium heat and melt the butter until slightly browned.

Do not burn the butter. As soon as the chunk of butter has melted and foam started to appear, then you have to start paying attention. What we are looking for is a light hazelnut brown color; not too dark like dark brown or not too light either. Once you get to the right color, turn off the heat and throw in all the finely chopped pineapple into the pan and mix well and just let the pineapple steep in that hot butter for 20 minutes to develop more flavor.

Set that a side and measure the dry ingredients. Mix 1 cup yellow corn meal, 1 cup all purpose flour, ½ teaspoon baking soda and ½ teaspoon fine salt into a mixing bowl. Give that a mix with a whisk for a couple of times. Set that aside and back to the wet! Once the pineapple butter mixture is cooled down to just barely warm, pore that into a mixing bowl and then add 1 cup buttermilk, 2 large eggs and mix well.

(Do not over mix) Combine the wet ingredient with the dry ingredients, "wet to dry". Well actually in this recipe it really doesn't matter which goes to which but again; don't over mix your batter. Lay out some muffin liners or cupcake liners in the muffin pan and divide your batter evenly into each liner.

Pop them into a pre-heated 375 degree oven for about 25 minutes, (depends on how big your muffins are. If they're big, maybe they will need a couple more minutes) until a toothpick or tester comes out clean. If there's dough on it, it's not done! Put it back in into the oven.

Once they are cool enough to handle, take the muffins out of the pan and let it cool down at least 10-15 minutes, because the insides are still very hot and you have to let them cook for a bit longer. Serve when they are cooled. This makes an excellent home made dish that is rich and dense yet has a nice light crumb.

Makes a heavenly slice of butter pineapple corn muffin! Enjoy Baking!

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