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Apple Date Muffins

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Apple Date Muffins Recipe, seb, How To Make Apple Date Muffins Recipe

These apple and date muffins with the savory addition of cheddar are perfect for a snack, brunch, or a coffee break with friends.

Good eaten hot or cold with custard or maple syrup and ice-cream, cold with coffee, or simply on their own.

About Recipe

Apple, Apel

How to make Apple Date Muffins

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Prep time
10 mins
Cook time
20 mins
Total time
30 mins
Apple Date Muffins
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Apple
Servings : 4 persons
Published date : February 01, 2019

Ingredients used in Apple Date Muffins
• All purpose flour (maida) - 150 grams.
• Wheat flour - 150 grams.
• Dates (chopped) - 75 grams.
• Apple (chopped) - 1 number.
• Apple puree - 3 tablespoons.
• Egg - 2 numbers.
• Cinnamon powder - half tea spoon.
• Brown sugar - 75 grams.
• Baking powder - 1 tablespoon.
• Butter - 50 grams.
• Water - as required.
• Icing sugar - as required.
  • Take a bowl, add eggs, brown sugar and mix it well.
  • Then add apple puree, cinnamon powder, chopped apple (soaked in the lemon water), chopped dates, mix it well and keep it aside.
  • Take another bowl add all purpose flour, wheat flour, baking powder, mix this, then add butter and crumble the flour and add this into the egg mixture. Mix this like a droping consistency.
  • Take the mixture, drop into the muffin moulds and bake them at 200 deg c for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • After that sprinkle the icing sugar on top.


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Foods101withDeronda Posted on Fri Jun 28 2013

YUMMY...Would you think about adding walnuts to these muffins? I think I'm going to! Thank you for sharing! -Deronda :)

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imaboygenius Posted on Fri Jun 28 2013

that looks so good! thanks for sharing, i'm going to try and make them :)

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Faiza Mir Posted on Fri Jun 28 2013

can u tell us in cups plzzzz?

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Neththra'sVision Posted on Sun Jun 30 2013

"What a nice combination, Cinnamon, Apple and Dates fantastic!"

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hazyjellyfish54eva Posted on Fri Jul 05 2013

I made these today! Substituted the dates with some organic raisins. Omgg!! Taste so good!! P/s, I don't have any lemons on hand, I soaked the apples in some tea to prevent them from being oxidised. :D

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Bharathi Mohan Posted on Thu Aug 22 2013

you havent mentioned the measurement of apple juice or crush chef whether 1/4 cup or 1/2 cup

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Deena Gohil Posted on Sun Jan 18 2015

Dear Sir i m seeing and learning regularly , i have small request , when you are starting and giving measurements request to you speak slow , we as online you tube learner repeat to understand how much gram powder or milliliter to add. request to spe

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vahuser Posted on Sun Aug 04 2013

Hi, I love your recipes. I have tried many of the indian recipes. I have just started to learn baking and own a Convectional microwave. I would appreciate if you could also mention the time and temperature settings for convection microwave hereaft

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vahuser Posted on Sun Jul 07 2013

Who said this cook is a CHEF?.?

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