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Mexicon Sweet Corn
Mexican corn on the cob is an appetizer and a popular street food in Mexico, although frequently served at home prepared in the same way. Elote is the Mexican name for corn on the cob. An enormously popular item sold by street vendors, an ear of corn is grilled or boiled, covered with mayonnaise and sprinkled with grated cheese and chili mix. You can also make corn masala, corn soups, corn pakoda and many more dishes using corn scraped off the ear. If you haven't tried it, you're missing a real taste experience. In Mexico, Chicago, and southern U.S., it is custom to serve the corn on a stick, or by grasping the husk of the cob that has been pulled down to form a "handle".
Condiments such as salt, chili powder, butter, cheese, lemon juice, mayonnaise, and sour cream are usually added to the Mexican corn on the cob. Seasoning with lemon juice is popular. Another way of presenting corns is by serving the cut kernels in a bowl. Any of the toppings above are added to the corn and it is then eaten with a spoon.
In southern and central urban zones of Mexico, ready-to-eat boiled corns are usually sold by street vendors and/or in stands, but in the rest of Mexico corns are more frequently sold in stores or restaurants. The corns are boiled in hot water and condiments of the customer's choosing are added when sold. Start of rainy season and you find fresh locally grown corn in every farmers market. You find most of the corn sellers roasting the corn on coal and once roasted its sprinkled with a dash of lemon juice and salt and I have certainly been enjoying it all time during rainy season. Now we shall also see different variation for preparing the Mexican corn on the cob.
The Mexican corn on the cob is covered with melting butter, mayonnaise, cotija cheese and cayenne pepper. What a great way to enjoy corn! Like almost all dishes, there are endless variations on elote, but most commonly it’s a cob of corn slathered in mayonnaise, cotija cheese (a semi-hard, crumbly cheese that resembles grated Parmesan), powdered chile peppers and lime juice.
Sometimes, you can find it without mayonnaise and instead drenched in butter, margarine or crema. The corn can be prepared many ways, such as steamed, roasted or grilled and while it’s often served with the cob stuck on a stick. No matter how you eat it, however, the end result is always the same: a sweet, crunchy, fiery, juicy and delicious corn.
Maize has spread worldwide, particularly to Africa and Asia. The sweet corn that is now so popular, both on and off the cob, is a comparatively new discovery. In Latin America, starchier corn varieties are generally grown. From Mexico through most of South America, corn appears in tortillas, tamales, breads, puddings, stews, beverages, and a wide range of other dishes. It is still a major staple crop. Spread a layer of mayonnaise—enough to coat—over the hot corn, then roll the corn in the cheese or sprinkle the cheese over the corn while turning it. Then sprinkle with chili powder and salt to taste. You can also finish this off with a squeeze of lime.

Recipe: Mexican Sweet Corn - Elote

Summary: Mexican Corn on the Cob (Elote)


  1. chessee chada - as needed
  2. chilli powder - pinch
  3. mayonnaise -2-tbsp
  4. sweet corn -1 -number
  5. water - as needed


  1. Take Corn on the cob cook in the presure cooker.once it is done top it of with mayonnaise sprinkle chessee and chilli powder.

Cooking time (duration): 25

Number of servings (yield): 4

Meal type: snack

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