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6 Crazy Tips To Help Kids Eat Their Veggies

Every thing about 6 Crazy Tips To Help Kids Eat Their Veggies | Vahrehvah :

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Feeding veggies to kids has always been a very difficult task to most of the parents. It can be said the WORST task as you really need to be little dramatic, enthusiastic, playful and run about pushing anything into their little mouth to fill their tiny tummies. This is extremely stressing and exhausting. Veggies are an absolute ‘NO – NO’ with kids and some kids also refuse to even have just one bite of it. They just scoff about eating them despite all our efforts in feeding. I love cooking and serving fresh food with variety of vegetables so that most parents get inspired to prepare and encourage their children in eating healthy food. I often advocate to my friends about offering vegetables in their original form and try new creative variation to tempt kids in eating. Pondering through this issue, some of the craziest things that you could ever do to get your kids eat their vegetables are:

  1. Telling Lies and More Lies

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This is not about hurting your kids feelings but just tricky them to have good healthy food. Just lie to them that it is their favourite dish/ drink etc which is invisible (show up your culinary magic) and apparently when they have, they would surely say that it is awesome.

2.  Activity with Veggies You could always encourage your kids in making some excellent artwork/ carvings with the veggies. It could also be a theme park of vegetables and fruits with an awesome ranch dressing. Come up with a super story or tale and turn all these into finger foods dipped in the ranch dressing which will surely go into their mouth. They will surely love eating such sculptures or animals made out of raw veggies. Try making some good kids’ friendly mouth-watering and appetizing recipes; also take help from kids to prep.

3.  Hide the Veggies

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Kids love eating fast food, chips, crispy fingers etc. Make some awesome dumplings, rolls, batter coated crispy vegetables where they would not be able to see veggies inside. Cut them in different shapes and serve to visually tempt them in eating these foods. You could also hide chopped or blended vegetables in fritters, savory muffins, pancakes, tarts, pizza toppings etc.

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 4. Prepare Crazy Food Combos Food combinations are complex and fascinating; hence bring out your creative ideas in making attractive, delicious and healthy foods which your kids would love to eat. Stuffing vegetables is a good idea to combine and hide the veggies too. Serve dried fruit as finger food instead of biscuits, cakes or crackers. Use or mix different veggies into all kinds of foods as the nutrition boost are most important and always welcome. Help them make fun foods. Allow them making their own vegetable sandwich or an interesting smoothie or fresh juice.

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5.  Raise Kid’s awareness on benefits of eating Vegetables & Fruits This is one of the first information that we as parents need to educate our kids of and explain on the benefits of eating vegetable & fruits. You could also show them some cartoons related with food and energy like ‘Popeye the Sailor man’ along with his can of spinach. This would allow them to make better choices about the food they eat. Allow your kids to pick a healthy recipe they like and prepare to together. This will make them more happy trying new dish and getting involved in the process.  

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 6.  No Bribery Do not bribe your kids for eating vegetables or else they would get habitual and will be difficult to change as they grow. Hence instead of bribing the kids give them small interesting rewards when they eat their veggies. Tell them that if they have their vegetables and fruits they would get a beautiful gift, this will surely tempt them in eating and is also a better way in dealing the situation.

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Finally remember that mealtime is not a Warfield. Kids should enjoy eating their food and when it comes to helping them to love new dishes; you need to be persistent and not pushy. Be a positive role model and let them see you enjoy eating fruits, vegetables at meal time. Let’s all face it; you could even make the pickiest eater to eat their vegetables and fruits!

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