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 Moong sprouts are primary source of protein and a very healthy and nutritious dish to one and all especially growing kids. Sprouts are always healthy and taste delicious when it’s done in the right way. A bowl of moong sprout a day is said to be a balanced and nutritious diet which can provide the health benefits to a person.


Moong sprout bowl is an excellent, colorful, refreshing and healthy salad made with few ingredients. This dish is wonderfully combined with fresh coriander leaves, jeera and green chilli added with yoghurt and mashed banana combined with just cooked moong sprouts and eaten.


It is an amazing comfort dish which soothes the taste buds with the freshness of coriander leaves, sweetness from the banana and smooth and soft yoghurt. This salad can be served as a light lunch or eaten with roti or chapatti. The Moong sprout bowl has no saturated fats, no cholesterol and is full of protein and calcium apart from vitamins and minerals.


This dish makes an excellent healthy alternative to any oily snacks. Food is a very important part of any holiday, picnic, family get together or any kind of celebration moreover a healthy dish would balance the nutrition and taste as well as health benefits too.


Moong sprouts can be added with various veggies to make fantastic salads. It can also be eaten on its own with a yummy vinaigrette dressing. Moong dal when sprouted usually turn out to be little sweeter and this combo goes well with cucumber, lemon and green chilli.


Moong sprout bowl is a wonderful dish for all those who are on a diet plan to reduce weight as it makes a refreshing and healthy salad and does not contain any fat, cholesterol etc. Sprouts have several other benefits. They supply food in predigested form, that is, the food which has already been acted upon by the enzymes is made to digest easily.


During sprouting, much of the starch is broken down into simple sugars such as glucose and sucrose by the action of the enzyme 'amylase'. Proteins are converted into amino acids and amides. Fats and oils are converted into more simple fatty acids by the action of the enzyme lipase.


Sprouts are an extremely inexpensive method of obtaining a concentration of vitamins, minerals and enzymes. They have in them all the constituent nutrients of fruits and vegetables and are 'live' foods. Eating sprouts is the safest and best way of getting the advantage of both fruits and vegetables without contamination and harmful insecticides.


Sprouting is the practice of soaking, draining and then rinsing seeds at regular intervals until they germinate, or sprout. Making the sprouts at home is very easy. One just needs to wash moong dal and soak them in water overnight.


After that wash it again, drain them and put it in a muslin cloth and tie them or in a closed container and keep it separate for a day. Sprinkle water once in 6 hours to keep the cloth damp. You will start seeing the sprouts in 10 hours. Leave it few more hrs, damping the cloth or sprinkle some water if you (use the container) in between for longer sprouts.


To prepare this yummy and healthy dish, firstly grind together fresh coriander leaves, jeera and green chilies. Cook moong sprouts in enough boiling water for about 5 to 7 minutes.


Mash banana and mix in the above ground masala and curd. Mix all the ingredients well adding little salt to taste and serve. Moong dal can be cooked in various ways.


Do try this recipe and gain all the health benefits from this dish.


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Some of the popular recipes include sprouted moong dal salad, Moong dal with coconut, Palak Moong dal fry etc. Moong dal is the most widely available type of bean sprouts. They have a fresh flavor and are very nutritious. They are used in soups, salads and stir-fries.


They are fairly large, with crunchy texture and a delicate flavor. Some people find them indigestible and may prefer to blanch them briefly in boiling water before using them. All whole pulses like moong, matki, chana, chole, chawli, rajma, vatana, masur etc., can be easily sprouted.


Even grains and groundnuts when sprouted are easy to digest and they are more easily available as "energy" for the body. You can use all these sprouts to make wholesome, economic, regionally satisfying, one-dish-meals like khichdi, upma, usal, bhel, poha, and so on.


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