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Fiber Rich Indian Foods

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In my pursuit on promoting the campaign “Be Fit. Be Cool!” I feel glad offering and inspiring you all to make healthy foods, nutritious and balanced meals. All of us know very well that food consists of protein, carbohydrates and fats etc.


I have also shared through some of my previous articles on low carb foods, high protein foods, fat free recipes, low cholesterol foods etc. Now I am sure you would also wanna know about Fiber and its importance to the human body.


Fiber, high-fiber foods, fiber rich foods etc are all related words that we come across often when we discuss about maintaining and preparing a healthy meal. What is fiber and why it is so really important to be included in our foods is a curious question to answer.


Fiber is said to be best known for helping the food to move effectively throughout the body. It is also one important element that contributes to good health and prevents various health related diseases like Digestive problems, Diabetes, Weight gain and Heart disease etc.



It aids by lowering the cholesterol level, controls blood sugar levels in diabetes patients, prevents constipation related problems etc. Eating high-fiber foods also helps in pulling out excess hormones, fat and toxins from the body. Most of the nutritionist experts state that the fiber helps us digest and passes the food we eat easily. By taking a good fiber rich food, you would naturally decrease the risks of diseases like obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer etc.


Health Benefits of Fiber: Medical Researchers state that in India eating Fiber rich foods is ignored to a great extent. Studies have shown that an average Indian consumes only 14 grams of fiber everyday while the recommended daily intake should be about 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men.


The benefits of fibers are appreciably much higher than other nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Intake of fiber rich foods also improves your quality of diet, keeps you energetic and boosts your brain power, keeps you healthy and reduces the risk of diseases like skin problems, joint pains etc. Eating fiber rich foods will help you feel full for a longer time which helps with appetite and weight control.


Types of Fiber:

There are two types of fiber that our body requires, Insoluble fiber and Soluble fiber:


Insoluble fiber aids in regulating the bowel movements and adds the bulk to clean out the colon. It also known as roughage and acts like a sponge. This absorbs the water and swells inside your intestine producing a feeling of fullness. This type of fiber moves through the digestive system to extract the unnecessary waste, toxins and materials that the body does not require. Insoluble fiber is found in the vegetables and fruits skin, the bran portion of whole grains.


Soluble fiber comes from fruits, dried beans, brown rice, oats, barley peas, lentils, few vegetables and bran etc. The soluble fiber aids in controlling blood sugar and reduces cholesterol. It brilliantly mixes with water and digestive enzymes made by the liver and create a gel. This gel works chemically prevent and reducing the body’s absorption of substances that are harmful.


High Fiber Foods:

Listed below are some high fiber foods that you could include in your everyday breakfast or meals:


Nuts like Almonds, Brazil nuts, Peanuts, Walnuts, Cashew nuts.


Beans and Legumes like beans, peas and lentils. Add at least one serving of legumes in your every day meal incorporating into making of salads, soups, curries etc.


Green vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts, zucchini, artichokes, avocado, beans, carrot, eggplant, greens like collards, kale, potato with skin, peppers, pumpkin etc.


Whole grains like barley, corn, wheat, millet, oats and brown rice etc.


Fruits with skin include Grapes, Apples, Guava, Oranges and pears. Other high fiber fruits include banana, kiwi and all kinds of berries like blue berries, black berries and raspberries etc.


Dried fruits like figs, dates, prunes etc.


Incorporating high fiber foods will naturally bring in lots of benefits to the body. The more high fiber foods you eat during meals and snacks, the lesser desire and urge you will have for junk foods, high calorie, and fattening foods. Along with eating a high fiber foods, do drink enough amount of water every day that helps in proper digestion.


It is also said that some very high fiber breakfast cereals have around 10 grams of fiber per serve and if not accompanied by sufficient amount of fluid, it may cause abdominal discomfort or constipation. Fiber is essential for aged people too as ageing occurs, the digestive system slows down hence a high fiber diet becomes even more important.


To increase your fiber intake eat breakfast that include cereals like wheat, oats etc. Have foods made with whole meal or multigrain breads and brown rice. When you feel hungry, snack on fresh fruits, dried fruits, nuts or whole meal crackers and always add one or two vegetable dishes in your meal.


Finally we need to understand that fiber too is a very great and essential element for human body. Do watch below some of the healthy recipes that you would also like to surely prepare.





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