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Curry leafs rice
Curry leaves rice, a natural green colorful aromatic unique and tangy rice based dish nutritionally packed and mildly flavored without being overpowered by the aroma of curry leaves combined with the natural heavenly sweetish flavor of freshly grated coconut and the tanginess of tamarind. It’s a magical and bewitching aroma that makes this dish one of the most beautiful sensory culinary experience.
Curry leaf or karivepaku or karipak or karuveppilai known in different languages in India is one of the indispensable ingredients in everyone’s kitchen especially in every south Indian kitchen. Virtually every home will be growing their own karipak plant in their kitchen garden or backyard. The curry leaves not only enhances the flavor of the dish but also imparts enormous nutritional effects.
 It’s a captivating experience each day right from the morning breakfast to night dinner watching the aromatic   curry leaves sizzle in the hot oil alongside the tempering companions. The curry leaves entices every sensory pleasure of dropping the leaves into hot oil and watch the leaves dance, swirl and sizzle and fill the kitchen with a bewitching aroma to bestow a delicious food in the making.
Curry leaf is one of my favorite ingredients that I love to add in most of my dishes. There are many versions of making the Curry leaves rice. This rice can be either made with the spiced curry leaves powder or by grinding the curry leaves with other spices and mixing to the rice. Curry leaves are important to our Indian cooking. Most of dals are incomplete without a curry leaf in it.
That not being enough, we love the podis made with these leaves. The Curry leaves are highly aromatic and are used as an herb. It is also highly valued for its medicinal usage. In most of the kitchens in southern India you will find a spiced powder made from curry leaves ready at home which makes it more attractive. Mix this in hot rice with ghee, garnished with nuts. You wouldn't want to have anything else next to this.
Curry leaf plant is a native of Tropical Asia, southern India and Sri Lanka and grows to a height between 2 and five meters. The leaves are small, pointed and in clusters, giving of a strong aroma faintly reminding one of citrus and anise. The aroma is delightful when added to curries and while frying spices, and lends that extra something to south Indian dishes.
Anyone familiar with South Indian cuisine in particular and South East Asian cuisine in general will remember those little pointy leaves floating in their gravy. The spicy, hot chicken, prawn and mutton dishes with little nigela and mustard seeds get their bitter aroma and aromatic antithesis from these little leaves.
To prepare the Curry leaves rice, firstly cook the rice and keep in room temperature to get cool. Take curry leaves, tamarind, red chilies, freshly grated coconut and blend to form fine paste.Take a pan or kadai add oil or ghee when heated add mustard, cumin seeds and once it crackles add the curry leaves paste into the kadai and fry well till it becomes almost dry. Add salt and mix, add rice and mix well.
The curry leaves rice is ready to eat. You can add nuts if you want it to be crunchy or else with can also it with some gravy or lamb chops curry.
Do not miss preparing this unique and exotic dish. Watch the making of this wonderful aromatic dish at:
This rice does not call for any special ingredients. It is simple, healthy, easy to prepare & easy to digest. Curry Leaves have a special place in Ayurvedic Medicines, because of their many health benefits. Curry leaves paste when mixed with buttermilk, salt and cumin seed powder is a very home remedy digestive disorders, the curry leaves juice is also effective against heartburn.
Today Scientists are finding more about curry leaf – as it contain agents that slow down the rate of starch-to-glucose breakdown in people with diabetes. The curry leaves could control the amount of glucose entering the bloodstream. It also cures diabetes due to obesity, as the leaves have weight reducing properties. The curry leaves are is good nourishment for the hair roots. Ancient Indian Medicine for kidneys recommends the juice of the curry plant root.

Curry leafs rice

Curry leafs rice
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Author : daranin... Published On : Jan 21, 2008
Preparation Time: 10min Recipe Type : Rices
Cooking Time : 5 min Standing Time : 5
Yield4 (4 servings) Ingredient : Coconut
Description : curry leafs (kurvepaku), tamerind( Chintha pandu), whole red chilli ( endu mirchi), freshly grated coconut ( pachi kobbari thurumu), dry fruits any Oil + Ghee, rice, cooked onerecipe by(daraninaidu)
Recipe of Curry leafs rice
Ingredient Name Unit Quantity
half cup
Curry leafs
Oil+ ghee
it should be enough to fry all the ingrediant
red chillies
depends on taste
Rice 500gms
less than lemon size
Directions | How to make Curry Leafs Rice
pls cook rice and keep on room temparature to get cool and u take curry leafs and tamerind, red chilli coconut paste them finely and keep it aside take a pan pore oil+ ghee and fry all the besic dry fruits avalu cumin seeds and all add this paste let it sorte some time and take away and mix well with this rice it taste very yummy yummy to enjoy lunch or dinner its very good to serve to the guest also they will get wonder pls if u can modify if u can make better taste with this is very good taste recipe by(daraninaidu) vahchef did not add nuts as he has plans to eat it with chops , but you can cook it to your liking
  Serving Ideas
  serve with some curd or anything it goes well

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