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Adityas Coconut Gravy Chicken

Adityas Coconut Gravy Chicken
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Adityas Coconut Gravy Chicken Recipe, How To Make Adityas Coconut Gravy Chicken Recipe

Gravy chicken dish which goes really well with plain rice & white wine! You can replace chicken with paneer (cottage cheese) if you want a vegetarian version.

About Recipe

How to make Adityas Coconut Gravy Chicken

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Prep time
15 mins
Cook time
15 mins
Total time
30 mins
Adityas Coconut Gravy Chicken
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Chicken
Servings : 0 persons
Published date : November 12, 2016

Ingredients used in Adityas Coconut Gravy Chicken
• Coconut juice / coconut water (strained) - 3 cup.
• Chicken 1/2 kg boneless (cut to bite size) - piece.
• Garlic (diced/crushed) - 4 clove.
• Ginger (julienne/grated) 1 small cube - .
• Salt - .
• Pepper - .
• Peanuts 100 gms (plain/unshelled) - .
• Cashew nuts 100 gms - .
• Onions (finely diced) - 3 .
• Tomato (finely diced) - 2 .
• Corriander powder (3 teaspoons) - .
• Chilly powder (to taste) - .
• Tumeric powder - .
• Butter (to saute chicken) - .
• Oil (veg/olive) - .
• Sugar (1 teaspoon) - .
• Cornflour (or all purpose flower) 2 - 3 teaspoons - .
• Egg - 1 .
  1. Quick Marination: Rub salt amp; pepper nicely on the diced chicken. Then leave it for a minute so that the flesh pores open up. Add garlic and cornflour in the mix and then add coconut water. Leave it in the fridge for 15 mins.nbsp;
  2. Thats it! While its getting marinated lets prepare the sauce. Sauce: Heat 2 - 3 tbsp oil in a pan, on low-medium heat add garlic and then add peanuts. The peanuts will suck in all the garlic flavour. Now add grated ginger. Then add onions and keep stirring till the oil is well coated on the onions. Now add tumeric, coriander powder, and chilly powder. Let it heat until onions are golden brown and the masalas are well cooked. Now add diced tomatoes and cashew nuts. Add salt (to taste) which will now open the pores of the tomato. This way the tomatoes will nicely blend in the flavours. Now add sugar. Keep stirring and cook for 10 mins until a nice semi brown paste is formed.nbsp;
  3. Time to take out the chicken marinade from the fridge! Saute chicken: Bring out the marinated chicken and take the pieces out of the juice. DONT THROW THE JUICE!! Take the chicken and saute it in a pan with a club of butter. Keep tossing and turning till the chicken is semi cooked for about 5 mins. Cooking:nbsp;
  4. Now add the marinade juice in the sauce that we prepared slowly and gradually so that the gravy remains thick (it is thick due to the finely grated onions, egg and cornflour). Now add the semi-cooked chicken, mix it well. Add a bit more salt so that the chicken is now ready to suck up all the flavours. Cover this with a lid. Let it cook for 10 - 15 minutes under medium flame. Keep stirring in between. Take it away from the flame and serve it with a bowl of plain rice and white wine!

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