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Popular Dried Bean Recipes

Every thing about Popular Dried Bean Recipes | Vahrehvah :

Dried Beans is one of the most useful foods when fresh vegetable are not available. They are used in making a variety of curry, side-dish or added in rice to make some absolutely delicious and appetizing. They are also considered as healthy and nutritious foods. Sprouted beans are healthier to eat. Dried beans, peas and lentils legumes or pulses are vital food source and one of the oldest cultivated crops in the world.

Evidence of cultivation goes back more than 7,000 years in some parts of the world. There are a variety of dried beans that we used in our cooking. They are excellent source of protein, dietary fiber and complex carbohydrates, legumes and pulses are flavourful, nutritionally dense, inexpensive and versatile.

Some of the popularly used dried beans are:

Adzuki Beans : Red Chori (Vigna Angularis), Also known as Adzuki (azuki) beans, red chori, and red cow peas.  Chori beans are sweet and relatively easy to digest and don't take as long to cook. The adzuki is used in Asian cuisines in salads and even as a topping on shaved ice or ice cream.

Black-Eyed Peas: Black-eyed peas get their names from their characteristic appearance.They are white legumes with a small black dot resembling an eye.  These delicious beans are well known in Southern and Southwestern cooking, but the nutrition of the black-eyed pea makes it an excellent addition to any menu. This bean is known as lobia in Hindi.

Cannellini Beans: These smooth-textured beans are packed with nutty flavor. Add them to tomato-based soups like minestrone or toss with olive oil and black pepper for a satisfying side dish.

Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas): This prominent ingredient in Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and East Indian dishes — think hummus and falafel — has a mild but hearty flavor. Garbanzos are a good foil for strong spices like curry powder, cumin and cayenne pepper, so add them to salads, soups and pasta dishes.

Kidney Beans: Rajma is a very popular dish from the North Indian cuisine made of red kidney beans.The kidney beans is also known as the chilli bean and its dark red in color and the visually resemblance the shape of a kidney.It is sometimes also known as red bean. These large, red beans are popular in chili, salads, soups and baked beans.

Mung Beans: You probably know mung beans for their sprouts, but the beans themselves are revered as a healing food. Mung beans range in color from greenish-brown to yellow to black and have delicate, sweet flavor.They need no pre-soaking, cook quickly and are easy to digest; you can't go wrong.

Pinto Beans: A favorite in Southwest and Mexican dishes — "pinto" means "painted" in Spanish — these earthy beans have a delicious, creamy texture ideal for refrying. Combine with onions, chili powder, garlic and tomatoes as a filling for enchiladas or sauté cooked beans with olive oil, garlic and tamari.

Red Beans: These small, dark red beans are subtly sweet and hold their shape when cooked. They make a great choice for soups and chili and as a companion to rice. Dried beans are extensively used in Indian cuisine especially in North Indian cuisine. They are very delicious legumes and come in a variety of colour.

These beans are popular in the Middle East and in many countries in Asia.The dried beans are very versatile, buttery to taste and they lend and blend well with different spices to enhance the flavours of the dish. They give a nutty taste and are used in various dishes across the country.

Apart from offering its goodness of savour and flavours to the dish, the dried beans also come with a bountiful of nutritional benefits to keep us healthy and fit.Below listed are some of the fantastic and delectable dishes made from this humble and delicious dried beans are:

Mexican Tomato Rice with Beans

An appetizing and filling one pot meal made with pinto or kidney beans cooked with rice, tomato and spices to make the dish absolutely aromatic to taste.

Black Eyed Beans Chawli Kathod

It’s a kind of dry preparation but we have to boil beans till tender and water has to evaporate and tossed in whole garam masala and served it with rotis.

Refried Beans

Refried beans is a dish of cooked and mashed beans and is a traditional staple of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, although each cuisine has a different approach when making the dish. Refried beans are also popular in many other Latin countries.

Rajma Masala

Kidney beans cooked in spicy and tangy gravy.

Palak Rajma Masala

Palak rajma masala is a popular north Indian curry prepared with red kidney beans and spinach. Palak rajma Masala is aromatic and flavorful, healthy with thick delicious gravy.

Lentil Fried Rice

Lentil fried rice is an awesome rice preparation made with rice and whole toor dal with skin on and cooked until done and flavourful.

Matki Chi Usal – Maharashtrian dish with Moth Beans

Matki Chi Usal - Maharashtrian Dish with grams ( moth bean usal. Matki is one of my favourite beans. These lentils are high sources of proteins. This usal can be enjoyed at any time of the day. A lightly flavoured one for morning breakfast topped with grated coconut, for lunch, as an evening snack converted to a Sprouts Dahi Misal.

Valachi Usal

Valachi usal is a curry prepared with the “Val” pulses or more generally known as the Broad Bean/Fava Bean/Field Bean cooked in spicy Malvani style masala gravy.

Doodhi Valachi Baaji

Doodhi Valachi Baaji is a delicious Maharashtrian vegetarian dish made with bottle gourd, field beans and jackfruit seeds cooked in spicy and tangy gravy. This curry is a semi solid gravy curry that goes well with roti, chapatti, bhakri or rice.

Vala Chi Birda – Field Bean Curry

This dish makes an excellent pair up with rice varieties like sambar rice, curd rice, lemon rice etc.

Most of the above dishes are easy to prepare and always tempting with its subtle seductive magic of flavours and sheer visual delight that allures our taste buds.

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