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Plain Lassi

Plain Lassi is one of the finest, unique and refreshing summer coolants. A very popular beverage throughout the Asian countries! India is well known for its food but hardly people know that we have an array of natural drinks that are both distinctive and refreshing. Dilution of yoghurt into a very thin consistency with adding water is actually Lassi.

A plain lassi is just made by thick curd or yoghurt, salt or sugar, ice cubes and water. Lassi can be customized in any way you like by adding tropical fruits such as mango, strawberries etc to enhance the flavor and taste and making it refreshing and delectable. India is famous for its food but hardly many people know that it has collection of drinks that are both unique and refreshing.

Customize Lassi by adding tropical fruits such as mango to make very revitalizing and luscious Mango Lassi. Plain lassi is a very popular drinks in North India especially the states of Punjab, Haryana and Pakistan. They drink lassi from tall huge glasses and also serve the same to their guest. Beside the Indian Chai (tea), Lassi is well like beverage by most of the Indians. It can be made either sweet or salty.

Plain Lassi is a rejuvenating beverage when had on a hot sunny day to quench one’s thirst. The most common flavors used in Lassi are the Mango (Mango Lassi), rose water and plain sugar (Sweet Lassi). Lassi is native to India. It is also traditionally preparing by dry roasting the cumin seeds for a few minutes and added to the lassi which gives a wonderful aroma.

Lassi is made by blending the thick curd or yoghurt with water or milk and Indian spices. Traditional lassi (also known as salted lassi, or, simply lassi) is a savory drink sometimes flavored with ground roasted cumin while sweet lassi on the other hand is blended with sugar or fruits instead of spices. According Hindu rituals, yoghurt sweetened with honey is used while performing religious rituals.

Lassi mixed with a little turmeric powder mixed it is used as a folk remedy for gastroenteritis. As per Ayurveda, Lassi is served as a beverage during lunch because of its ability to enhance digestion. It can also be infused with herbs and spices to make it energizing. You can also add some fresh aromatic herbs like curry leaves or Cilantro (coriander leaves) or mint (pudina) to make it nutritious and benefits with its medicinal properties.

Plain Lassi was once the preserve of India's Maharajas. It is mentioned in ancient Indian texts and was widely used in Hindu rituals. In old times, people would have lassi because they wouldn't feel hungry quickly afterward; and they could wait until lunch to eat again. Tart and refreshing, lassi serves to cleanse the palate alongside spicier foods.

The Lassi aids good digestion and is a healthy addition to any balanced diet. It is 100 percent natural and free from artificial colors, preservatives and flavorings. Besides offering health benefits, lassi is also indulgent and can be enjoyed with or between meals.

For making this luscious and lip smacking Plain Lassi, firstly crush the ice cubes in the blender and then add the thick curd, water and salt and sugar according to taste. Run the blender for about a minute. Pour the plain lassi in a tall glass and serve chilled.

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There are many variation of making the lassi that includes Sweet lassi (Drinking sweet lassi can cause drowsiness, which might help people with sleep disorders), Mango lassi (mango lassi is a cold drink consisting of sweetened kesar mango pulp mixed with yogurt, cream, or ice cream), Bhang lassi (Bhang (or bhung) lassi is a special lassi that contains bhang.

A liquid derivative of cannabis (marijuana), which has effects similar to other eaten forms of marijuana), Chaas or chaach is a salted drink like lassi however chaas contains more water than lassi, Ayran (a drink in Turkey similar to Lassi called Ayran).

It is also made with yogurt and water. In Iran and Afghanistan a similar drink is called Doogh and Than ( an Armenian version of the yogurt drink, consumed cold, with or without food. It is diluted with water and is flavored with salt). Fresh yogurt is digested in about one hour as compared to the three hours it can take to digest milk.

Individuals who have trouble digesting milk may find that fresh yogurt is much easier to digest and actually aids in their digestion as well. Other health benefits from fresh yogurt include decreased bloating, relief of both constipation and diarrhea and other stomach disorders.

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