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Bacon, Black Bean and Corn Chowder Soup is a blend of few bacon strips, black bean and yellow corn in a creamy sweet and spicy sauce flavoured with garlic, oregano and spiced with chipotle peppers. This soup is easy to make, thick, refreshing and scrumptious soup with a zesty flavour. This dish is a simple soup recipe inspired by the flavours of Mexico; this black bean and corn soup recipe uses garlic, oregano and chili powder for plenty of flavour apart from salt and pepper to taste.

Bacon, Black bean and Corn chowder soup is a high-fibre and low fat vegetarian soup. This soup is one of the healthiest dishes that you can eat which helps in cholesterol lowering, high fibre and a heart healthy black bean soup. A good pot of soup made with beans, lentil or split peas is one of the most economical ways and also adds additional benefits as these legumes contain lots of proteins and fibre hence making them pretty healthy and nutritious.

Quick and easy to prepare coz if you are rushed for time then you can make it from canned or previously cooked bean. It’s simple and easy making the soup as you just need to dump few cans of beans in a pot along with some seasoning, heat and serve. Lentils cook pretty fast and is stomach filling. They are a variety of soups that can be made with a variety of beans such as Bean soup, Spicy Mexican Bean Soup, Haricot Bean Soup, Green Bean Soup, Lentil and Vegetable soup and many more.

Bacon, Black Bean and Corn Chowder soup is commonly known as Bumblebee soup. Quite a peppy name but the exact reason of the name in not known. If you are a true soup eater, then this soup would surely make a feast to your palate. The colours of the black beans and yellow corn are contrasting and striking to the eyes which automatically is mouth- watering too. It’s a dish with a medley of flavours, sweetness from the corn, spiciness from chipotle pepper and pungent odour and flavour from Oregano.

Some of the most common flavours used in Mexican food are garlic which is available fresh and used in many recipes such as salsa, taco seasoning and Spanish rice etc. Other common flavours are oregano, cumin and chili powder. Mexican oregano gives their dishes a rich earthy flavour. Traditionally oregano is a wonderful herb from the Mexico region and used extensively in Mexican cuisine. It is the spice that gives pizza its characteristic flavour. Mexican Oregano is a bit stronger than Mediterranean Oregano.

Oregano tastes great with tomato, egg, or cheese based foods, and is also a great addition to many lamb, pork, and beef main dishes. An easy way to accent pasta sauces, salad dressings, and ground meat dishes is with a dusting of crushed Oregano leaves. To release its flavour, oregano is usually crushed by hand or with a mortar and pestle before using it in your recipes. Chipotle is another chili powder that is commonly used outside Mexico City.  It is just a jalapeno that has been dried and smoked.

Chipotle has a distinctive flavour that goes well in many sauces and salsas. It is also the primary flavour in Adobo, a marinade. Chipotle peppers are a smoky, fiery chili pepper made by smoking jalapeno peppers. The chipotle pepper is a smoked or dried jalapeño pepper. They are a great addition to many Mexican and South western dishes, including salsas, spice rubs, BBQ sauces and hot sauces. They are a great way to add some heat to dressings for salads or meat.

To prepare the Bumblebee soup (Bacon, black bean and corn soup), firstly heat in a sauce pan and add in 4 strips of bacon and cook over medium heat until the bacon is crisp. Reserve bacon and leave 2 tablespoons bacon fat in the pan. Add 1 diced onion and sauté with a pinch of salt for about 5 minutes or until it becomes soft and translucent.

Add 2 cloves minced garlic, sauté for 2 minutes, and then pour in 1 quart of chicken stock (vegetarian can add vegetable stock or just water). Add 2 cans of black beans, ½ teaspoon chipotle peppers, 2 cups frozen corn, thawed and half the bacon. Save the other half for garnish. Add ½ teaspoon Mexican oregano. Mix all the ingredients and bring to a simmer, stirring occasionally.

Reduce heat to low and gently simmer for 20 minutes. Take a potato masher and carefully mash some of the black beans against the bottom of the pan which helps in thickening the soup. The more you mash, the thicker the soup will get. After mashing some of the black beans, let it simmer for another 10 minutes to achieve the desired texture. As it simmers the starches from the black bean and corn will further thicken up the soup too.

Finally taste and adjust the seasoning with salt and pepper in the end. Serve hot with the remaining bacon over the top as a garnish. This soup is plenty hearty on its own, but goes great with a grilled cheese sandwich. The sweet corn is perfect with black beans, and the chipotle pepper gives this chowder a nice kick.

Simply flavoured with a few spices and bacon, this soup is easy, cheap and delicious.  This concoction is truly compelling as is makes a thick soup with rich texture and incredible taste.  The other great thing with this bumblebee soup is that it tastes like it was cooked for hours, but is actually relatively quick - perfect if you're busy as a, well, you know. So, make this for your family and kids!

Enjoy Cooking!

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