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All you need to and want to know about Breastfeeding 101:

Every thing about All you need to and want to know about Breastfeeding 101: | Vahrehvah :


From: Dr.Patrick Dolan, MD. I want to start by pushing aside some common misconceptions about breastfeeding and give you the information you need to know to make the decision: to breastfeed or not to breastfeed. I feel that truly is the question.

Breastfeeding gives a wonderful experience between a mother and her child. The bonding that happens between a mother and their child makes us as fathers jealous, that is closeness we cannot achieve. Also I as a doctor, I cannot do as much for your baby as a mother who is breastfeeding can. Research has shown that by breastfeeding you baby has less ear infections, less gastrointestinal infections, less respiratory infections, decreased risk for diabetes, increased IQ, and increased passive immunity.

Besides all the immune benefits, and the bonding benefit, moms are able to get back to their pre pregnancy weight quicker. Yes, it even helps with weight loss. If that is all not enough, it will save you about $1300 for one year and unlike most food there is no prep time for breastfeeding. That was the teaspoon of sugar to go with the medication.

Unfortunately, a little reality check is that it is hard, and a lot of work for most women in the beginning. You will not get your milk to come in till about day 4 and you maybe convinced that you are starving your baby, but I promise you, it is very rare for your baby to not get enough breast milk. You may be faced with many hurtles like position problems, latch problems, nipple problems, engorgement problems or even milk supply problems In the rest of this article, I will address one of those problems: milk supply problem.

One of the best ways to make more breast milk is use all that you have. The brain is acting like your mother when you were a child. You cannot get more milk till you finish your plate. Really what is going on is that your body takes a lot of energy making milk and it wants to make sure you not wasting it. So feed till your breast is empty, and after a feeding, it helps to breast pump to make sure that you are empty.

This emptiness will help send a signal to your brain saying we used it all WE NEED MORE. There are also many supplements to help promote breast milk production. There are also many that do not, and it is not always easy to know them apart. The FDA does not oversee most supplements. They do put some on a “Generally Recognized as Safe List”.

This is what you need to look for to help you see your way home in a sea of supplements. This does not mean that they do not have side effects. Read carefully! Fenugreek is a supplement on the FDA’s GRS list. It is a common part of many countries cooking esp. India. It is in many curries. It is also used as a substitute for maple syrup flavor (Important later). It comes in many forms from its original form to capsule, to teas to tinctures.

All forms help to increase production some have shown that the tincture may work better. Most effects seen in 2 days but may take as long as 2 weeks. Some caution: your sweat and urine may smell like maple syrup. If you like pancakes this may not be a problem. If not the smell stops when you stop using fenugeek. Caution, If you are allergic to chickpeas or peanuts stay away because there is cross reactivity.

Which means you may have an allergic reaction to this as well. Lastly people with problems with low or high sugar must be careful. It has been shown to decrease blood glucose (sugar) levels, and as always if you are on any other medication for any reason check to see if there is any interactions with Fenugreek. Also commonly used is Blessed thistle. It is in the daisy family. Also it can be found, as it’s original form, capsule to tea to tinctures. It maybe in combination with other herbs, which can be found in Mother’s Milk tea.

Which has both fenugreek and blessed thistle along with other milk producing herbs. Some caution if you are allergic to daisies and as always if you are on any other medication for any reason check to see if there is any interactions with Blessed thistle. As a little side note in general teas are the weakest forms and tinctures are the most potent. Also when taking herbs during breastfeeding note there are some herbs that can help stop breast milk production.

So please be educated. Please consult your doctor and the American Herbal product association’s botanical safety handbook for any questions. You can find mother’s milk tea, fenugreek tea/tincture/plant, blessed thistle tea/tincture/plant at many Asian/Indian markets or at a specialty store like Whole Foods. For our next article we will discuss formulas. Which ones, why and why are they always changing.

Recently vahchef Sanjay Thumma met his friend Dr.Patrick Dolan, MD. in Chicago and both of them wanted to bring you all young mothers information on Child care, Dr.Patrick Dolan will be interacting with you all on regularly so For our next article we will discuss formulas. Which ones, why and why are they always changing. Please let me know if you have any questions about this topic or other topics you would like to see in the future. And, again thank you always and good health.

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