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Mysore Bonda
 Mysore Bonda is one of the most popular snacks originating from Mysore, Karnataka. It is also popular in Andhra Pradesh and commonly called as Mysore bajji. Mysore bonda is a lemon size dumpling made of all purpose flour (maida), rice flour, cooking soda and buttermilk. Mysore bonda is a healthy snack crunchy on the outer side and soft and spongy in the inner side of the dumpling.
This is one of the traditional snacks from Mysore cuisine. The Mysore bonda can be eaten at breakfast time or as appetizer or snacks. Mysore bonda tastes good when served hot accompanied with coconut chutney. If the Mysore bondas are served cold they become very soft, squishy and bland in taste.
Preparing the Mysore bonda is quite simple. Beat curd well and keep aside. Take a bowl, add the maida flour, rice flour, cooking soda and add buttermilk and mix into a vada batter consistency. Add cumin seeds, fresh coconut pieces finely chopped, chopped green chillies and mix in the batter and rest aside for 1 hour. Remember cooking soda when combined with an acidic ingredient such as buttermilk carbon dioxide is produced, which causes the dough or batter to rise.
This helps in making the batter fluffy to get the spongyness in the Mysore bonda. Heat oil in pan, just wet in palm and form small round bondas and fry them in hot oil on slow flame. If you cook it on high flame the outer casing would turn brown fast and the batter inside would not get cooked. Remove once they turn golden brown in color. Serve it hot with coconut chutney.
Vah! The flavor of the cumin seeds, green chillies and fresh coconut gets blended well in the batter and you get a nice spicy crunchy taste to the Mysore bondas. Mysore bondas can be eaten many but as this is deep fried dish dieter’s to be cautioned.

Recipe: Mysore bonda

Summary: Spongy dumplings of all purpose flour cooked in Mysore style


  1. coconut pices - 1 - tbsp
  2. cooking soda - 1/2 - tsp
  3. cumin seeds - 1 - tsp
  4. ginger chopped - 1 - tsp
  5. green chillis - 3 - number
  6. maida - 1 - cup
  7. oil - to fry - to fry
  8. rice flour - 1/4 - cup
  9. salt - to taste
  10. water - 1 - cup
  11. yoghurt(curd) - 1 - cup


  1. Mix curd and water keep it a side.
  2. Take a bowl add maida,rice flour,salt,soda mix well then add buttermilk make it into a vada batter consistancy.
  3. Now add cumin seeds,coconut pices finely chopped, green chillis chopped mix well keep a side for 1 hr.
  4. Heat oil to fry, make into small round bondas and put in to the oil, cook in a very slow flame.
  5. Remove once it is golden brown colour.Serve it with coconut chutney

Cooking time (duration): 25

Diet type: Vegetarian

Number of servings (yield): 4

Meal type: breakfast

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