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Every thing about BELL PEPPER | Vahrehvah :

Bell Peppers called as sweet pepper or chili pepper, outstanding merge of tangy taste and crunchy nature. Scientifically known as Capsicum annuum. The primary substance that controls "hotness" in peppers is called capsaicin. Bell peppers are the Christmas decorates of the vegetable world with their attractive shape smooth exterior that comes in a wide range of bright colors ranging from green, red, yellow, orange, purple, brown to black. Sweet peppers are plump and bell-shaped vegetables. Green and purple peppers have a slightly bitter flavor, while the red, orange and yellows are sweeter and almost fruity.

Peppers are cooked, grilled, baked, boiled and roasted. Bell peppers are called as Shimla Mirch in Hindi, Pedda Mirappa in Telugu, Kuda Milagai in Tamil, Parangi Mulagu in Malayalam, Donne Menasinakai in Kannada, Bhopli Mirchi in Marathi and Simla Marchan in Gujarati. Though peppers are available throughout the year, they are most abundant and tasty during the summer and early fall months.

Variety of dishes made with Bell peppers are:

  • Mushroom and Bell Pepper Fried Rice : is quick, easy to prepare, appetizing and a wholesome rice preparation with Indo-Chinese flavors. Made with a mix of button mushrooms and colorful bell peppers. 
  • Capsicum and Coconut Curry : A simple and fast method for a mouthwatering capsicum gravy. This can be had with rice and rotis.
  • Capsicum Chutney is a very simple and nice variation to regular chutney varieties. Slow simmered green and red capsicums make a rich and spicy chutney when combined with tamarind. 
  • Burnt Garlic and Capsicam Fried Rice : Spicy vegetable garlic fried rice is an oriental rice recipe with the rice stir fried with burnt garlic and assorted bell pepper juliennes.
  • Capsicum Masala Sandwich Dosa : An awesome and sizzling kind of dosa. These are easy to make and great for kids. They are great for a lunch box or for a picnic. 
  • Ginger Capsicum Fried Rice derives the taste from all green, red and yellow bell pepper along with minced ginger.
  • Capsicum Sada Masala – Very easy and delicious side dish, prepared with capsicum, fried onions and spices tastes awesome. Usually served with Chapathi and pulka.
  • Pepper Rings Egg Makhani is a unique creation of egg and Bell Peppers. Bell pepper rings are seasoned with egg, methi, chilies, onions and extra flavors.
  • Capsicum and Brinjal In Hara Masala is an easy green gravy dish which emphasize the flavors of capsicum with eggplant or brinjal, tamarind and coconut. This gravy is best served with roti and pulka.
  • Chinese Style Tofu and Potatoes, perfect Chinese home style dish. Sauté potatoes, Eggplant, Tofu, bell peppers, sauces and spices with a touch of sweetness.

Health benefits of Bell Peppers:

  • Red bell peppers are higher in vitamin A, essential to healthy eyesight.
  • Peppers provide Folate, which supports the functioning of red blood cells and especially important for pregnant women because it helps prevent certain types of birth defects in unborn children.
  • Bell pepper are high sources of potassium, helps keep fluids and minerals balanced in our body, enhancing muscle function and regulating blood pressure.
  • Bell Peppers are low in calorie and loaded with a good amount of nutrition’s.

Not only just adding charming color and crunchiness to dishes, Bell peppers is a powerful punch of nutrition’s, vitamins and minerals. They are essential part of the healthy diet.

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