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Every thing about HANDWA | Vahrehvah :

Handwa or Handvo is a delicious Gujarati snack made with lentils, rice, yoghurt and Indian spices which makes it rich in proteins and vitamins. It is generally a homemade healthy snack that is cooked in every Gujarati household. Rice and dals are grinded to till fine and then batter is prepared to cook on tava with vegetables or without vegetable.

Handvo or Handwa is a spicy and sour cake that requires great skill to prepare even for the native of Western India. It is an exceptional Gujarati recipe which can be called a savory steamed vegetable cornmeal cake filled with several nutritious ingredients. The flour used in Handwa generally consists of corn, rice and chana dal (lentils) combined with yoghurt, spices and healthy vegetables which is then allowed to ferment before steaming in a vessel. 

Handwa is a wonderful blend of spices, flour, fresh vegetables and yoghurt to make a light snack and a fulfilling meal. Handwa flour is also available and looks like coarsely ground idli flour; it consists of chana dal, rawa and cornmeal. This savory lentil snack comes from the Kathiawad region.

The handwa is dense and does not rise as much as the regular cakes. There are various variations in many the handwa where few add bottle gourd or zucchini and some add onions or carrots to get a spongy texture. Handwa makes a great tasty and filling breakfast or snack and is also served some spicy coriander chutney.

Chana dal is amongst the well-known lentils used in making several dishes in the Indian delicacies. They're also known as Bengal gram or split desi peas. Chana dal is appreciated primarily due to its fantastic flavor and it is used in making many different salads, curries, snacks etc. The dal is rich and very yummy after cooking. the legumes are also roasted and powdered into flour (besan). Besan could be involved in making many different sweet delicacies. Dal constitutes an integral part of every Indian meal. Flavourful, simple and full of nutrients, one is sure to get an amalgamation of great taste with wholesome goodness.

Sesame seeds are derived from an unremarkable plant of the Sesamum genus and bears the scientific name of Sesamum indicum. Sesame seeds are considered the oldest oil seed crop in the world. The seeds come in a wide variety of colors, depending on the variety or strain of the sesame plant. They are commonly added to salads, as an ingredient or topping for bread and grain products, crackers, sushi, cakes, soups, breading for fish and meat, and a wide variety of other applications.

Cooking Tips:

  • Make sure the handwa mix is kept in a warm place overnight to get the best result. Alternatively keep the handwa mix inside an oven without turning it on.
  • If you like handwa even more crispy, cut the handwa cake into medium pieces and stir fry in a pan with some oil. The outer crust will become very crispy and it will taste amazing.

Health Tips:

  • Chana dal is lower in fat, full of fiber that helps in lower cholesterol.
  • Chana dal is an ideal supply of calcium, proteins, folate and zinc.
  • Sesame seeds are full of high quality protein.
  • The high fiber content of sesame seeds helps the intestines with elimination.

A slice of savory handwa is exceptionally appetizing as the top crust adds a nutty crunchiness to this soft and savory cake. Gujarati cuisine is very popular for a variety of farsans (side dishes) which includes Dhokla, KhandviSamosa chaatLilva kachori, Khaman and so on…. Handwa is an all-time favorite snack — perfect for tea time, brunch, anytime! Savory inside with a nutty Sesame Seed crust…just one word — VAH!!

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