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Palak Paneer Cutlet Patties


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Palak Paneer Cutlet Patties Recipe, How To Make Palak Paneer Cutlet Patties Recipe

Healthy snacks for kids then try this which is yet another cutlet recipe- crispy fried Cutlet or Shallow fried patties of Palak Paneer snack.

Palak Paneer is a traditional North Indian delicacy and an integral part of the Punjabi cuisine. It is also one of the favorite dishes to many especially the kids coz the influence of Popeye the Sailor gulping cans o... Read More..

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Prep time
5 mins
Cook time
15 mins
Total time
20 mins
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Spinach
Servings : 2 persons
Published date : February 05, 2019

• Paneer - 1 large.
• Salt - to taste.
• Pepper (crushed) - 1 tea spoon.
• Corn flour - 2 cup.
• Oil - as required.
• Onion (finely chopped) - 1 numbers.
• Green chilies (chopped) - 3 numbers.
• Garlic (finely chopped) - 5 numbers.
• Nutmeg - pinch.
• Spinach (finely chopped) - 1 cup.
• Roasted chana powder - 2 tablespoons.
• Mozzarella cheese (small cubes) - as required.
• Butter - 2 tablespoons.
• Egg - 1 number.
• Breadcrumbs - 2 tablespoons.
  • Take a bowl add grated paneer, salt, crush pepper, cornflour and mix it like soft dough.
  • In a pan add oil, chopped onion, salt, green chilies, garlic, nutmeg powder, finely chopped spinach and saute for about 2 minutes.
  • Add roasted chana powder and mix it well. Now take in a plate and make it cool.
  • Make small balls, stuff mozzarella cheese cubes inside and seal it.
  • Take a paneer mixture press it using hand and stuff spinach mixture and make patties. Keep aside.
  • Heat butter in another pan, place the patties into it to shallow fry.
  • When fried, place patties on a plate.
  • For nuggets: Coat the nugget shaped patties in egg whites and breadcrumbs and keep aside.
  • At last, fry them also in hot oil till they turn golden brown in color.

Serve iton a plate with any spicy or tangy ketchup.

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Palak Paneer is a traditional North Indian delicacy and an integral part of the Punjabi cuisine. It is also one of the favorite dishes to many especially the kids coz the influence of Popeye the Sailor gulping cans of Spinach and acquiring tonnes of super energy. It’s a nice way of feeding nutritious dishes to kids who do not eat a properly balanced diet.
Palak Paneer cutlet is an Indian Snack made of spinach and paneer (a non melting Indian cheese)  with Indian spices. It’s a very popular vegetarian delicacy. The paneer snack looks very appetizing due to the combination of its natural green and white colors of the spinach and paneer.
This recipe is mildly flavored and not a very spicy appetizer. Normally in the state of Punjab, Palak paneer is a specialty dish in most of the dhabas. Palak paneer is served with hot Indian flat bread accompanied with a glass of Lassi.
Anyways Palak paneer is truly a guilt-free, satisfying well balanced delicious dish.
Spinach is a versatile vegetable. Spinach works well when combined with most or any type of cuisine whether you’re adding it to dal, pasta, stir-frys, curries, noodles, quesadillas, pizza… etc, the culinary possibilities are virtually endless.
Spinach is very healthy, nutritious and full of antioxidants. It’s also high in iron, vitamins A & C, and even calcium. Preparing the Palak paneer is quite very simple. In a large pot of boiling water, blanch the spinach leaves for just a minute or two. Remove, drain well in a colander and run under cold water. This will stop the cooking process and also set their lovely green color.
Do not cover the vessel while boiling the spinach or else you will lose the fresh green color of spinach.
Palak Paneer (gravy) has always been a favorite among all the paneer lovers, not only for the great taste it holds but also for the nutritional components present in it. Palak Paneer is an entirely “Green” dish, as it contains a whole lot of Palak (green leafy vegetable) which is highly recommended for a good health. It then contains the famous “Paneer” which is loved by most people.


Indian cheese (paneer) is a rich supply of calcium. This can help in building strong teeth and bones. Paneer provides the health advantage of protecting against osteoporosis, that is a problem of old age.  Ladies who have accomplished menopause and men above 65 years of age should make it a rule to add it to their diet to obtain 25% of calcium through food.

 Paneer taken in moderation may help in reduce weight. It's good to remember that lots of people who want to lose weight, include Indian cheese or paneer in their diet plan. Paneer also provides the benefits of reducing the development of insulin resistance syndrome. Hence it's all about dealing with the issue of insulin dependent diabetes.


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