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Ripe mango morekootan is a wonderful sweet curry prepared with ripe mangoes spiced with green chilies combined with grated coconut, curd and curry leaves. This is a very popular dish prepared widely all over Kerala during the mango season. Ripe mango morekootan is called by various names like Mambazha pulisseri, muzhu mambazha morkuzhambu and mambazha kootan or mambazha morekootan.

This dish is an excellent whole ripe mango in curd gravy. It has exotic and exceptionally sweet, sour, spicy, all combined flavors in one dish. It has an amazing taste; fragrance and visual appearance which makes our palates crave for more.

The dish is tantalizing, luscious and mouth watering. Pulissery or morekootan is a traditional Kerala dish made with using yoghurt and grate coconut. Sour curd is one of the main ingredients for making pulissery where you can add vegetables or fruits of your choice to balance the sourness.

There are a variety of fruits like Bananas, Mangoes and Pineapples that can be added in the morekootan. In Kerala, pulissery is also made with the popular fruit called the Nendrapazham (ripe plantain). Plantains are extensively grown in Kerala and now available in many parts of India. The actual authentic and original pulissery or morekootan is the Mambazha pulissery which is made with the ripe mangoes instead of plantains.

Mambazha or Manga kootan is a very important dish prepared on the Vishu day (Kerala’s New Year day) which can be prepared either with raw mango or ripe mango. While preparing the mambazha kootan with raw mango, jaggery is added to the dish to give that sweet taste. This dish is specially made during the traditional Kerala sadya (feast) and is also called a feast dish.

Ripe mango morekootan is thick and creamy dish which has slightly sour but sweet taste at the same time. The ripe mangoes are cooked with spiced in a ground coconut mixture and then later mixed with well beaten curd and seasoned with mustard seeds along with aromatic curry leaves and red chilies. Overall an exceptional dish with combination of ripe mangoes, curd and other spices that gives a wonderful aroma to this dish.

For preparing this luscious and yummy ripe mango morekootan, firstly wash and cut the ripe mangoes into medium sized cubes and cook in very limited amount of water with salt and turmeric powder. Grind grated coconut and green chilies to a fine smooth paste and keep aside.

Add little asafetida (hing) while grinding the coconut mixture. Now take a cup of curd and mix the coconut paste well with curd in a vessel. Now add the curd and coconut mixture to cooked mango pieces. Heat the above mixture over very low flame.

Remember kadhi should not boil and then remove from flame before the bubbles comes. Season this mixture with a delicious tempering of mustard seeds and curry leaves. This goes excellently well with hot cooked rice, roti, chapatti and pappad.

Tip: While preparing this kadhi, just lightly heat the dish and do not boil the curry. If the mango is little sour then add a small piece of jaggery to give that sweetness to the dish.

Do try this delicious recipe and enjoy the flavors and taste of mangoes which is an all time favorite to one and all.

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Morekootan or Morkuzhambu is better known to many as Kadhi. This morekootan is a typical traditional Kerala gravy curry that is fabulously easy to prepare as well as bursting with flavors. It can also be made with any vegetable like ash gourd or plantain, and definitely seasoned with “manathangalikka vathal” or “sundakkai vathal”. Mango is one of the most eminent tropic fruits that is enjoyed by the young and the old.

Ripe mangoes are used in many a variety of dishes like the Mango lassi, Mango kulfi, Mango shake, Mango Ice cream, Mango jelly, Mango mousse and so on….. Ripe Mangoes are a popular fruit and are generally used for stewed fruits, fruit jam, fruit cakes and many other desserts; they can, however, even use for savory dishes.

Mexicans sometimes use ripe mangoes or other tropical fruits for their fiery salsas. Mangoes, both ripe and unripe are very good sources of vitamin C. 16mg of vitamin C are present in 100 gms of mango. Both vitamins A and C are anti oxidants and help to prevent free radical injury and thus reduce the risk of certain cancers.

Ripe mango provides a good source of calories. Mango is a delicious and aromatic tropical fruit. Mangoes are very nutritious and excellent source of carotene as compared to other fruits. Eating mangoes in the season may provide a store of vitamin A in the liver, sufficient to last for the rest of the year and highly beneficial for the prevention of vitamin A deficient disorders like night blindness.

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