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ridge gourd tomato and urad dal

Ridge gourd Tomato and Urad dal is a humble mildly spiced dish, very simple and takes very less time to cook, healthy and nutritious to eat. This dish is made with a nice tempering of urad dal, ridge gourd pieces, and tomato pieces and spices cooked until soft with a nice delicious fragrance lingering around the kitchen, finally garnished with fresh coriander leaves.

Truly yummy and can be eaten with roti, phulkas or rice. Ridge gourd is an extremely popular vegetable in the African, Asian and the Arabic countries. Ridge gourd is commonly known as Turai in Hindi, Beerakaya in Telugu, luffa or loofah etc. Turai is generally disliked by many due to its unusual appearance, but is one of the best, highly nutrition, low fat and calorie vegetable.

It blends well with other vegetables and spices when cooked. It is actually one of those vegetables that absorb other flavours beautifully and captivate our nostrils with its fragrance and aroma. Ridge gourd is also cooked along with various other lentils like channa dal, moong dal, tur dal or urad dal. Moong dal is one of the easiest dals to cook and digest and also provides plenty of proteins and iron.

Ridge gourd is originally believed to be originated in the Arabic desserts and later spread all over the world. This vegetable is dark green in colour, ridged vegetable having white pulp with white seeds embedded in spongy flesh. Usually all the spices of ridge gourd are edible but must be consumed before they mature or else they become woody and fibrous to eat.

Ridge gourd tomato and urad dal when combined together with spices tastes extremely mild and very flavoursome. There are umpteen number of recipes that one can prepare with this vegetable such as Beerakaya curry, Turai beerakai with milk, Ridge gourd sabji (Maharashtrian style), Beerakaya pottu podi curry (a delicious dish made with the skin or peel of turai), Beerakai Karam kura etc. There are also various other preparations that you can try cooking with turai.

For preparing this simple yet delicious, mildly spiced Ridge gourd tomato and urad dal curry, firstly peel and cut the ridge gourd.

Take a pan, add little oil and when it becomes hot, add urad dal and fry till the raw flavour is gone. Add chopped onion and sauté. Mix salt and then add ginger garlic paste, turmeric powder and mix well.

Add fresh curry leaves, chilli powder, mix and then add the chopped ridge gourd and let it cook till it is done. Now add cube tomato pieces, coriander powder and cook for another 2 minutes and top it off with coriander leaves. Serve hot with rice, roti or phulkas.

Ridge gourd is a wonderful vegetable loaded with nutrients such as dietary fibre, vitamin C, riboflavin, zinc, thiamine, iron and magnesium. This veggie being low in saturated fat, cholesterol and calories, it becomes the ideal choice for anyone who wishes to lose some weight quickly.

Do try this dish and catch up the below link and view making of this wonderful dish.

Enjoy Cooking!

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