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Popular Ridge gourd Recipes

Every thing about Popular Ridge gourd Recipes | Vahrehvah :

Ridge gourd scientifically known as Luffa acutangula and also known as turiya or turai or beerakai or dodka in different languages in India is another variety of gourd and a versatile vegetable that adds a facet to the vegetarian cuisine. It is a dark green, ridged vegetable having white pulp with white seeds embedded in spongy flesh. This vegetable is popular in Asia and Africa. This vegetable is believed to have originated in the Arabic desserts, and has spread throughout the world. This vegetable naturally grows in Malenadu region, Karnataka. It is best consumed while tender and green. It is just as popular for its medicinal values as it is as a vegetable.

Turai is a lovable vegetable with succulent, white soft flesh that is delicate having sweet flavor. There are delicious dishes that can be made with Ridge gourd. I enjoy preparing Ridge gourd as it’s a very versatile ingredient. Ridge Gourd is abundantly used in Indian cooking for making different chutneys, curries, dal or sambar and many more. Listed below are few of my popular and easy Ridge gourd recipes that are worth trying-

  • Mutton and Ridge Gourd Curry: An excellent meat preparation, where mutton cooked with ridge gourd in a yummy and spicy masala gravy. This dish is popularly known as Beerakaya mamsam.

  • Turai Chana Dal: It is a delicious and flavorful combination of ridge gourd and chana dal cooked in an aromatic tomato gravy and spices. The soft fleshed sweet and mildly spiced ridge gourd cooked with nutty Bengal gram (chana dal) makes a luscious curry which is a perfect dish served with rice or roti. 

  • Turai and Milk Curry: Turai/ beerakaya cooked in milk, a wonderful creamy texture and it makes a refreshing recipe with exotic flavors and taste.

  • Beerakai Chutney: The sweetness of the ridge gourd perfectly complimented with the hot and sour flavor of onion, chilies and tamarind. To give a nutty flavor, cashew nuts and roasted chana dal can also be added. The Chutney will be a perfect side dish with hot rice, roti, chapatti etc.


Health Tips:

  • Ridge Gourd contains high dietary fiber; an ideal choice for anyone who wishes to lose weight.
  • Ridge Gourd also has very high water content, making it a very low calorie vegetable.
  • Ridge Gourd or turai is rich in vitamin C, zinc, thiamine, iron, riboflavin, magnesium and manganese.
  • The juice prepared from ridge gourd is a natural remedy for jaundice.
  • Ridge Gourd works as blood purifier, lowers the blood sugar levels and awesome for skin care.

Do try these recipes and delight your palate with different variations of ridge gourd dishes.

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