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Every thing about MASALA SEMIYA | Vahrehvah :

Masala Semiya or Vermicelli upma is a simple breakfast dish made with semiya which is commonly known as  vermicelli combined with nutritious veggies and spiced with green chilies to make a delicious one pot meal..  It's much like digging into a plate of noodles having a twist of Indian masalas. Generally, south Indian eat tiffins during the dinner time to avoid eating rice, hence masala semiya is an ideal dish that can be eaten during the dinner time. You may also toss in some beans, peas and potatoes, and nuts like peanuts or cashews to have an extra crunch. It may be offer with fresh coconut chutney, that I think will make its flavor more desirable. Masala semiya look very similar to a basic upma but slight variations with the ingredients being used. 

Upma is a preferred South Indian Morning meal recipe. There are indeed many ways of preparing the Upma where every cook usually incorporates his own variations to make it more flavorful and delicious.  I love all kinds of upma since they're extremely quick to make as well as pretty scrumptious. Prepared with veggies they create a meal alone. When you're in rush, this is actually the ideal breakfast to make. Generally, it's prepared making use of rava or semolina, but sometimes replace the key ingredient - rava - with others such as bread, vermicelli, sabudana as well as cauliflower. The tempering of mustard seeds, chilies, urad dal and curry leaves which goes on top, will work amazingly in switching the basic recipe into a wonderful treat. Some recipes of Upma are Sabudana upma, Poha upma, Bread upma, Cabbage cashew upma, Rice flour dry upma, Idli upma, Vermicelli Soya upma, etc.

Semiya or the Indian vermicelli is made with durum wheat free of eggs and is available in packet form in every super market. They almost look like very thin noodles. You also get ordinary and pre-roasted vermicelli varieties in the market.  The vermicelli of South Asia is different from the variety found in other countries as its being made from semolina. In Asia, vermicelli is known by various names like seviyan in Urdu and Hindi, Shemai in Bengali, sev in Gujarati, shavige in Kannada, sevalu or semiya in Telugu and semiya in Tamil and Malayalam. Semiya or the vermicelli is used in making a number of dishes such as Semiya Payasam, Semiya omelet, Semiya murukku, Vermicelli Uttapam, Vermicelli Chicken pulao, Tomato Bath with vermicelli, Semiya ladoo, Gongura Semiya pulihora, Vermicelli rajma and many more.

Cooking Tips:

  • Use two spatulas to fry the Semiya easily.

Health Tips:

  • Vermicelli, gives several health benefits and it is good for people afflicted with high cholesterol and high blood pressure.
  • Vermicelli is loaded with fiber and acts as scavenging agent to keep your colon clean and free from infections.

Masala Semiya is a healthy, low calorie dish and can be make anytime you want and hardly takes time to cook. Must try..

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