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Every thing about DOUBLE KA MEETHA | Vahrehvah :

Double ka meeta

Double Ka Meetha, the royal Indian dessert is a delectable Hyderabadi version of Shahi Tukde consists of fried bread soaked in sweetened milk and topped with dry fruits. It is popular in Hyderabadi cuisine, served at weddings and parties.  It is a traditional Mughal dessert and served after having a heavy biryani. Double ka meetha refers to the milk bread, called "Double Roti" in the local Indian dialects because it swells up to almost double its original size after baking. Saffron infused condensed milk is poured on top of the layer and pistachios are sprinkled on top. On Formal occasions, the food is garnished with warq (a very fine, pure silver leaf created by prolonged hammering and flattening of a small piece of silver)- Nizam style!

Dessert consist of variations of flavors, textures, and appearances. Desserts can be defined as a usually sweeter course that concludes a meal. This definition includes a range of courses ranging from fruits or dried nuts to multi-ingredient cakes and pies. Many cultures have different variations of dessert. In modern times the variations of desserts have usually been passed down or come from geographical regions. This is one cause for the variation of desserts. Some of the popular desserts are here : Kala Jamun, Carrot Halwa, Kubani Ka Meeta, Anjeer Ka Meetha, Sweet Corn Pudding…..

Bread is a staple food prepared from a dough of flour and water, usually by baking. Throughout recorded history it has been popular around the world and is one of the oldest artificial foods, having been of importance since the dawn of agriculture. Some bread is cooked before it can leaven, including for traditional or religious reasons. Bread is served in various forms with any meal of the day. It is eaten as a snack, and used as an ingredient in other culinary preparations, such as sandwiches, and fried items coated in bread crumbs to prevent sticking. It forms the bland main component of bread pudding, as well as of stuffings designed to fill cavities or retain juices that otherwise might drip out. Bread has a social and emotional significance beyond its importance as nourishment. It plays essential roles in religious rituals and secular culture. Some of the snacks made with bread are Corn Spinach Cheese Toast, Sandwich Paneer Pakoda, Carrot And Apple Sandwich, Cheese Bread Omelet, Tandoori chicken sandwich….

Cooking Tips:

  • It is better to use one day old bread than fresh bread as it will absorb less ghee while frying.
  • Roast dry fruits in ghee for a minute before garnishing for crispy taste.

Health Tips:

  • Bread is low in fat and one of the best sources of fibre. It is made up of energy-providing carbohydrates, protein, vitamins and minerals. Bread is an important component of healthy eating.
  • Milk is an ideal source of nutrients such as vitamin A, B12, D calcium, carbohydrates, phosphorous, selenium, magnesium, protein, zinc and riboflavin.
  • Dried fruit is highly nutritious. One piece of dried fruit contains about the same amount of nutrients as the fresh fruit, but condensed in a much smaller package.

Double ka meetha is similar in taste to another dessert called Shahi Tukde. This dessert uses the same ingredients but has slight variation in the end. This too is a very delicious and rich in taste. Give this luscious pudding a try! It’s another dessert which is really to die for.  Its rich taste will transport you to the era of the royals and nawabs!!!!!  


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