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Indian Chaat

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Indian Chat 

 Chaat is one of the most finger licking snack that is often sold by street vendors. Chaat is a common word used across India, Pakistan and the rest of south Asia. The word Chaat or Chat literally means “to lick”. They are small plates of savory snacks typically served at the side or corner of every road. They are the most popular street foods that yummy to eat with different flavors and tang.


Chaats are a jumble of flavors and texture that includes sweet, sour, salty, spicy, crunchy, soft, nutty, fried and flaky tidbits doused with sweet yogurt, fresh cilantro, tamarind or lemon juice and seasoned with chaat masala. Crackers and fried dumplings made from lentils, chickpeas or potatoes, mixed with some luscious and stunning variety of chutneys gives a contrast and burst of sensational flavors galloping down your palate.


Chaat is said to have originated in North India but now are made across the country. Some believe that the Chaat in Delhi is the best in the world. Chaat is savory snack that is made with a variety of ingredients. Most of the popular Chaats available across every street are Bhelpuri, Pani-Poori, Pao Bhaaji, Ragda Cutlet or Ragda Patties, Sev Puri, Dahi Poori etc etc.


Each major Indian city has its own popular Chaat house serving a speciality Chaat. Kids love eating Chaat and they no specific time for eating this type of snack. Made with a variety of sweet, spicy and tangy chutney and sauces, the flavor is extremely exotic and mouth-watering. Topped with sweet yogurt balances the heat and spiciness of the snack. Chaat can be eaten any time of the day. It’s fresh, healthy and easy to prepare.


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