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oats masala paratha

Oats Masala Paratha………yummmy……quite an interesting, healthy and nutritious combination! Now a day’s people are very conscious about food and mostly prefer healthy, nutritious and light meal. Oats is a wonderful powerhouse of nutrition and awesomely delicious breakfast with great goodness and health benefits. Parathas are one of the most important staple foods all over India especially in north Indian cuisine.

Eating paratha (any variety like aloo paratha, mooli paratha, methi paratha, gobi paratha, paneer paratha etc) for breakfast, lunch or dinner is a common feature in India. It is also known that paratha are high energy and calorie food as they are generally cooked with oil or ghee and served with a dollop of butter. Earlier, eating a couple of parathas was fine as there would be a lot of physical activity involved but in today’s period of inactivity, consuming many parathas is actually not advisable.

They cause high cholesterol, weight gain and consequently other diseases. Hence we need to creative new variety of dishes that are high in protein, low in calorie and fat. Oats Masala Paratha, sounds unbelievable and is a wonderful option in making a healthy and nutritious paratha.  Made with whole wheat flour stuffed with a mixture of oats and spices and cooked together makes a healthier version as whole wheat has more fibre, protein and vitamins.  

Oats Masala Paratha is a much better choice of eating healthy parathas as it is low in calories yet tasty and easy to digest. If you are looking for some weight loss and cholesterol management, oats no doubt is one of the best options and can prove an unbeatable food option. There are unfathomable ways of incorporating oats in your diet provided you are ready for new innovations and flavours.

Apart from the delicious oats masala paratha, you could also prepare other yummy and delicious recipes with oats such as oats pongal, oats khichdi, oats palak roti, oats porridge, oats dosa and many many more. Generally oatmeal is chiefly eaten as porridge but there are also many varieties of baked goods that can be made with oats which includes oatcakes, cookies and oat bread.

Oats are part of the cereal grain and are grown for it seeds. Humans are known for the consumption of eats whether it’s in oatmeal or rolled oats. Most of us know well by now that oats are a very healthy and nutritious food and as breakfast would be the perfect way to start the day with.

Oatmeal is been ranked one of the best food that can fight against cholesterol and it contains several vital nutrients such as complex carbohydrates, B vitamins, fiber, and minerals such as phosphorous, iron, selenium, and calcium. Oats also contain the energizing and stress lowering, B vitamin family, which helps transform carbs into usable energy.

To prepare this healthy and scrumptious Oats masala paratha, firstly take a bowl add Wheat flour, add salt make a soft dough by adding little by little water and rest for 15-20min.

Now in another bowl add Oats, chilli powder, coriander powder, turmeric powder, amchur powder, curry leaves, coriander leaves finely chopped and mix well by add in little water and make into balls.

Now take the dough and stuff the oats mixture and make into paratha. Add butter in a tawa and cook both the side till golden in colour. Serve hot with curd and pickle. Do try this excellent way of preparing a wonderful healthy dish and serve your kids.

Watch the video on making of oats masala paratha and enjoy:

Tips on making paratha - Add enough water to the dough so that it is soft (but not sticky) as a hard dough will make your parathas stiff. It is important to cover and rest the paratha dough for at least 15 minutes before rolling. When stuffing parathas, you need to use about equal amounts of dough and filling. So if you are using a lime size ball of dough, use about a lime sized mound of filling.

Oat was originally only cultivated in Southern Europe almost 5000 years ago and it has also been described by Hippocrates as a very refreshing porridge which also helps in hydration. Most of us know only about the high fiber content of Oats but there are vast benefits related to this which are as follows: Lowers cholesterol reduces high blood sugar, weight loss, protein source and revives immune system.

Enjoy Cooking!

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