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Top 10 North Indian Dishes

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North Indian food typically comprises of a varied style of dishes from different states of India that includes Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Uttaranchal, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Bihar, Jharkhand, Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.


The main characteristic of North Indian food are their thick, rich and delicious gravies and extensive use of chillies, saffron, milk, yogurt, cottage cheese (paneer), ghee and nuts. Their meals are heavy and elaborate. Sweets are a huge favourite.


North Indian cuisine comprises of an amalgamation of Awadhi cuisine, Bihari cuisine, Bhojpuri cuisine, Kashmiri cuisine, Mughlai cuisine, Punjabi cuisine, Cuisine of Uttar Pradesh. North Indian cuisine is distinguished by the proportionally high use of dairy products like milk, paneer, ghee (clarified butter), and yoghurt (yogurt, yoghourt) etc.


Gravies are typically dairy-based. The Mughal influence has resulted in meat-eating habits among many North Indians. Indian flat breads mainly made with wheat flour is staple food in North India. Also, a variety of flours are used to make different types of breads like chapathis. rotis, phulkas, puris, naan and kulchas.


Awadhi cuisine: This cuisine is from the city of Lucknow, capital of Uttar Pradesh and the cooking styles are greatly influenced by Mughal cooking techniques and bears similarities to those of Persia, Kashmir, Punjab and Hyderabad. This city is well known for its Nawabi vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods.


Their spread consisted of elaborate dishes like kebabs, kormas, biryani, kaliya, nahari-kulcha, zarda pulao, roomali roti, sheermal and warqi parathas. The richness of this cuisine extensively use ingredients like mutton, chicken (Murgh Musallam), paneer and rich spices including cardamom and saffron.


Bihari cuisine: Bihari cuisine is eaten mainly in Bihar, Jharkhand, and Eastern Uttar Pradesh. It is predominantly vegetarian food because traditional Bihar society is influenced by Buddhist and Hindu values non-violence did not eat eggs, chicken, fish and other animal products. Some popular dishes from this cuisine are Sattu paratha (stuffed with fried chickpea flour), Chokha (spicy mashed potatoes), Fish curry, Bihari Kebab and Postaa-dana kaa halwa.


Bhojpuri cuisine: This is a part of North Indian cuisine especially prepared amongst the Bhojpuri people living in Bhojpur region of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. Their foods are mostly mild in spices but could be spicier according to the taste bud of people.


Wheat and Rice are the staple diet of majority of the peoples. Lentils (Daal), Beans (Lobiya, Rajma), Meat (mutton,lamb and chicken. Beef and pork are avoided), green Vegetable (Sabzi), leafy Vegetables (Saag), Paneer, freshwater Prawns (Jhinga) and Fish (Machhari) are major constituent of the regular diet of the peoples.


Other cuisines have been mentioned about a lot in my other features.

North Indians prefer Indian breads over rice. Rice is generally used for making elaborate and scrumptious dishes like biryanis and pulaos (pilaffs). A north Indian typical meal consists of homemade tandoori roti, naans (breads made in clay tandoor oven), stuffed parathas – Laccha Paratha (flaky Indian bread made with different kinds of vegetarian and non-vegetarian fillings) and kulchas (bread made from fermented dough). Other dishes include a variety of lentils, vegetables, pickles (achar) etc.


Varieties of dishes and the method of preparation vary from place to place considering their culture and traditions. North Indians also binge a variety of popular snacks in between meals that includes samosa, kachori, chaats, bhajis, pakodas, bhujiyas etc.


They are also an array of popular sweets like gulab jamuns, jalebi, peda, petha, kulfi, ras malai, barfi, kaju katli and many more. Talking on some of the top 10 north Indian dishes that are in great demand in most Indian restaurants are:


Murgh Makhani Indian Butter Chicken Butter Chicken is among the best known Indian foods all over the world. Its gravy can be made as hot or mild as you like so it suits most palates. Also commonly known as Murg Makhani, Butter Chicken tastes great with Kaali Daal (black lentils), Naans and a green salad. 


Rogan Josh Mutton Roganjosh is a delicious recipe of Kashmir and it is a treat to the taste buds. The flavors of spices blend well in Mutton Roganjosh. A delectable delight, roganjosh is best suited for special occasions. With rich aromatic gravy, roganjosh is well worth the effort. 

Tandoori Chicken A popular Indian dish consisting of chicken marinated in a mixture of yoghurt and spices traditionally cooked in high temperatures in a tandoor (clay oven) and also can be prepared on a traditional barbecue grill.


Murgh Malai Kabab Murg Malai Kabab are irresistible tender succulent and fragrant pieces of chicken that melts in your mouth as they are marinated in thick yogurt, cream/malai, cheese, saffron, herbs & spices which adds an nice creaminess to the kababs.


Dahi Kabab The kebab is created with a mixture made from boiled potatoes, spices and greens like spinach. This kebab mix is then filled with a curd and badam stuffing and then deep fried till golden brown. A delicious healthy and protein rich snack item to be served with green chutneys.


Hara bhara Kabab The crispy hara bhara kabab is a vegetarian kabab is full of aromatic spices, made from spinach, green peas and potatoes it is nutritious snack, great with any chutney or sauce. 

Paneer Makhani Butter Masala Paneer Makhani as the name suggests is a very rich subzi from the lap of the punjab. one of punjabi cuisines most loved ingredients butter. In traditional punjabi houses, the women folk make pure white butter from thick creamy milk. Soft paneer chunks are dunked into a rich tomato based gravy a must try for all paneer lovers!


Dal Makhani Masoor Dal Makhani is a dish from Punjab. Lentils are a very essential food group rich in proteins and fiber. Traditionally this recipe is made from masoor dal. The dals are cooked for hours until they get a creamy texture.

Naan Naan is a leavened, oven-baked flat Indian bread popular in India, Afghanistan, Iran, and Pakistan. A typical naan involves mixing of white flour with salt, a yeast culture and enough yoghurt or milk to make smooth elastic dough.


Gulab Jamun Gulab Jamun, a small waffle shaped balls deep fried and dipped in sugar syrup, popular in countries of the Indian subcontinent as India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. 

Ras Malai Ras Malai or Rosh malai (Bengal sweet dessert originating in India) is often served after a meal. The name Ras Malai comes from two parts in Hindi: "Ras" meaning "juice/juicy" and "Malai", meaning "cream". Ras Malai consists of sugary white, cream or yellow coloured balls (or flattened balls) of paneer soaked in malai (clotted cream) flavoured with cardamom. 

Shrikand Shrikhand is a classic Indian sweet dish from Maharashtrian cuisine/ western India made of hung & strained yogurt flavoured with saffron and cardamom. Shrikhand is a popular, classic, thick and delectable Indian yoghurt sweet commonly known all over India especially in the states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. It is one of the prime sweet delicacies from the Gujarati and Maharashtrian cuisines made with hung & strained yoghurt flavoured with saffron and cardamom.

Most of the north Indian dishes are highly aromatic, delicious and delight to the palate. It always offers a wide variety of snacks, main course and desserts which is extremely traditional, luscious, elaborate and trendy.

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