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Ten Amazing Benefits of Proteins

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Looking for a power packed satisfying meal to keep you feeling full for longer time and reduce cravings, satisfying your required nutritional needs, then start off with high protein diets. Include ample amount of fibre with your high protein diet which will be a dynamite equation that aids in shedding down your unwanted kilos.


A rich protein diet will reduce your appetite, keep your blood sugar stable and generally while choosing a protein diet; your body uses your fat stores for energy rather than carbohydrates you recently consumed. Hence, for optimum health, include good amount of fiber rich whole grain carbohydrates in your diet.


Since ages, protein diets have been a wonderful food for all the body builders in giving that extra strength. Protein is essential for healthy bodies as it repairs and rebuilds our muscles and skin.  Some of the rich sources of protein are meat, poultry, fish, eggs and dairy products like tofu, beans, nuts and seeds.


But you must also remember that overloading proteins can also overload your kidneys hence balance your protein intake with plenty of whole grains, fresh vegetables and fruits. Also ensure that you drink plenty of water while on having protein rich diet. We must take the right amount of protein in our diet as it is a component of every cell in our body and in fact, the hair and nails are mostly made of proteins. Our body uses proteins to build and repair tissues.


You need proteins to make enzymes, hormones and other body chemicals. It is also an important building block of bones, cartilage, skin, muscles and blood. Eating protein triggers protein synthesis and the building of muscle tissue, eating adequate amounts can also improve body composition, eliminate hunger, and reduce body fat. They live up in improving brain function and aiding many aspects of health, including blood pressure, cardiovascular health, disease prevention, sleep, and longevity. Below find some amazing benefits on eating protein enriched diet:

  1. Building muscle mass and lean tissue
  2. Reducing muscle loss
  3. Curbs hunger and lower calorie intake
  4. Help maintain a healthy weight
  5. Lessens excess belly fat
  6. Better brain functioning.
  7. Have better sleep
  8. Helps in lowering blood pressure
  9. Have a greater lifespan
  10.  Aids in Skin, Muscle & Hair repair

Proteins are large compounds combined by amino acids. It is a vital brain food. Proteins in diet are known as macronutrients and contribute energy to the body. Each gram of protein contains 4 calories. Choosing a complete protein source will ensure you of getting all the amino acids that your body requires.


Protein is an essential part of any diet and vegetables are a great way to get more protein into your meal. Protein is the key to the growth and repair of your muscles, bones, ligaments, tissues, and even your hair, skin and nails. It also boosts your immune system and helps your body fight infection.


It maintains bodily functions, such as digestion, metabolism and circulation. Here are some of the best protein-packing vegetables that include Beans, Asparagus, Watercress, Cauliflower, Broccoli & Brussel sprouts, Artichoke and sweet corn etc. For good protein intake, opt for variety of whole foods like fish, eggs, poultry, dairy products (like cheese, milk, yogurt, and cottage cheese), tofu, lentil, soymilk, beans and nuts. Though you may have felt limited with your protein options before, you now see that there are more foods than you realized.


Do get creative in your cooking styles and find new ways of adding in healthy and protein packed to your daily diet instead of using protein supplements. Do practice these amazing tips and stay healthy and fit.


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