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Every thing about SPRING DOSA | Vahrehvah :

Spring dosa is an amazing dish good for kids and makes a healthy and nutritious dish. It’s a dosa with a difference stuffed with lots of crunchy vegetables into a crisp dosa which is good for health. Spring dosa goes well with sambar or any variety of either coconut chutney or coriander mint chutney.

Spring dosa can be an ideal Sunday meal which is a well balanced dish as this dish has a variety of veggies which make you feel full and stomach filling. The spring dosa is stuffed with full of onion/ spring onions, cabbage, capsicum and carrots. It’s a delightful treat to your palates. One of the best dishes for all those who do not like to eat veggies separately!

Dosa is a very popular south Indian fermented crepe or pancake made from rice batter and black lentils. It is one of the staple dishes in southern Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu as well as being popular in Sri Lanka.

Dosa is also popular in Malaysia and Singapore as there is a large population of south Indian residing there as commonly called as Thosai. Dosa can made into a variety of variations which include a plain dosa, masala dosa, rava dosa, pesarattu, set dosa and so on…Masala dosa is similar to a spring dosa but with a different stuffing. A masala dosa is usually stuffed with a lightly cooked filling of potatoes, fried onions and spices whereas potatoes are not included in the spring dosa.

Basically a plain dosa was served with potato curry without onions in a separate cup. In preparing the spring dosa, a set of veggies like cabbage, bell peppers, green chillies, grated coconut is cooked in a yummy tomato pulp spiced with green chillies and red chilli powder and spread in the center of the dosa, rolled and served warm. Spring dosa is a common breakfast dish and a delicious street dosa.  It is a well known dish and a good source of protein and essential amino acids especially for those kids suffering from malnutrition.

For preparing this delicious and crispy spring dosa, firstly soak the long grain rice for about 6 to 7 hours and like wise soak the urad dal for an hour. Dry grind the converted rice and drain the water from the soaked rice and urad dal and grind the soaked rice to a coarse paste whereas the soaked urad to a fine paste.

Mix all three adding salt and let it ferment at least for a day. Heat a griddle or tawa and when it gets hot, pour some batter in the tawa and make a round shape (spread evenly on the tawa) with a ladle full batter. Sprinkle the chopped vegetables and apply little oil round the edges of the dosa.

After a couple of minutes, flip the side and cook. Serve hot with chutney or sambhar. Spring dosa is an excellent breakfast dish rich in carbohydrates, contains no salt, sugar or saturated fats and its constituent ingredients of rice and lentils mean that it is gluten free and contains proteins. The fermentation process increases the vitamin B and vitamin C content. There are also instant mix products for making dosa, with somewhat lower nutritional benefits. To prepare this dish click on the below link for detailed recipe:

Dosa is an inexpensive protein-rich food that is also gluten free and has high concentrations of zinc, iron, proteins and amino acids. Iron and zinc are important nutrients in the diet that are used for countless vital molecular processes.

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