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Rava ladoo or rava laddu is a popular Indian sweet which is prepared from semolina (rava), ghee, little milk, sugar, dry fruits and cardamom. Ladoo as such is a common sweet in South Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh.Ladoos are normally prepared during festivals or for any special occasions at home or also offered to the God as Prasad.
Rava ladoo is a very common and simple sweet that is prepared during Krishna Jayanthi, Ganesh chaturti and Diwali festivals.Rava ladoo are frequently made in south India and is absolutely delicious. One of the most common sweet that would remind each of us of our childhood days as this used used to be prepared in almost every household during festive season.
Rava ladoo can be prepared in different variations like few use the saffron color or else made of its natural color. A perfect rava ladoo is when eaten, it should just melt in your mouth letting out the flavor and taste to explore into your mouth. Rava Ladoo is a wonderful delectable Indian dessert made with semolina.
Ladoos and Burfis are the popular sweets prepared during the Diwali festival where an array of ladoos can be seen at most of the houses or sweet stalls like the rava ladoo, boondi ladoo, til ladoo, motichoor ladoo, coconut ladoo etc.Most of these ladoos are prepared graciously with nice aromatic home made ghee (clarified butter) which makes the ladoos scrumptious.When eaten they give a nice sweetness and nutty flavor with the aroma of the roasted semolina (rava) and cardamom flaring into your tastebuds.
Preparing the Rava ladoo is very simple and easy but every ingredient should be cooked on a very slow flame with lots of patience to get the perfect rava ladoo. Heat little ghee in a kadai or pan, once the ghee is a little hot, simmer the flame and roast chironji, cashew nuts and raisins till they slightly change their color then add fresh grated coconut and fry them together.
Add the semolina (rava) and stir continuously till the rava releases a nice aroma all over the house. Add sugar and cardamom powder, mix and switch off the flame and add milk and mix  stirring continuously and remove it onto a plate. When slightly warm gather some mixture and form to a ball (ladoo shape). In this variation you need to stir the mixture continuously and get it to the right consistency.
Another simple variation of preparing is that you can fry the ingredients separately one after the other and later mix them together and form the ladoos.  Note that while roasting the semolina make sure the flame in simmered completely or else there are chances for the rava to get burnt.Add just the required amount of milk to combine all the ingredients well to form the balls (ladoos). The sweetness can be either be more or less as per your taste and choice. If you are adding milk then its best to consume within 5 days of making them or else they would get spoilt.
If you are planning to keep them for longer period than you can add little water, but water would make the rava ladoos a little hard. I am sure by now your mouth must be really tempting to watch the making of the rava ladoos. Do click and add the step by step instructions at:


This sweet is nutritious with the nuts in it, ghee and can be little high in calorie which can be excused for the taste buds to enjoy.


Author : Admin

Preparation Time: 7 min

Cooking Time : 25 min
Yield4 (4 servings)
Published On : Apr 26, 2009
Recipe Type : Desserts/Sweets
Standing Time : 5-8 mins
Ingredient : Sooji/Semolina
Ingredient Name Unit Quantity
Cashew nuts
Coconut scrapped
milk optional
Semolina (Suji/Rava)


Directions | How to make RAVA LADDU SUJI SEMOLINA

1. Take a pan add Ghee then add all dry fruits let they change the colour little bit. 2. Now add  grated coconut fresh then add semolina and saute them in very low flame till it changes into  brown colour. 3. Add Sugar and keep mixing in very low flame for 3 min then switch of the flame and add milk to it keep mixing. 4. Lastly add Cardamom powder mix well and transfer it to a plate. 5. Take that laddu mixture into your hand and make small dumplings and let it dry for 2hrs.your laddus are ready.

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