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Mooli Paratha
Mooli paratha is a very popular dish in North India. It is a paratha made by stuffing grated radish mixed with spices. It is one of the regular dishes of Punjab region. Infact Punjabi people have a lot of variations in paratha like the aloo paratha, gobi paratha, paneer paratha, mooli paratha etc. Radish is a vital ingredient for preparing the mooli paratha. Radish is a root vegetable and the greens of the radish are also used for cooking curry.
The greens of radish are very healthy and nutritious and good for diabetic patients. Radishes can be white, red, purple or black, long cylindrical or round in shape. Radish as such is rich in folic acid and other minerals. It can be mixed in the salads or even eaten raw. But some people avoid eating raw because of its pungent taste and smell. In southern India, Radish is added in sambar and cooked.
Radish is a good appetizer, mouth and breathe freshener, laxative, regulates metabolism, improves blood circulation, is a good treatment for headache, acidity, constipation, nausea, obesity, sore throat, whooping cough, gastric problems, gallbladder stones, dyspepsia etc. Preparing the mooli paratha is quite simple. Grate the radish and add all the spices, chopped coriander leaves into it and mix well.
Squeeze the water from the radish and keep aside. Take wheat flour and add little oil and add the radish water. Add little water and make it into medium type dough which is neither too soft nor hard. Take a medium size ball of dough and roll it to the size of a puri and stuff the radish mixture and seal the edges. Roll again and make like a paratha. Fry them on a tawa and when done serve hot.


Recipe: Aloo Paratha

Summary: Aloo Paratha Recipe made easy, learn how to make Aloo Paratha Recipes at home.


  • amchur powder - 1 - tsp
  • coriander leaves - 1 - bunch
  • cumin powder - pinch - piece
  • Green chillies - 2 - number
  • Oil - 1/2 - tsp
  • Radish - 2 - number
  • red chilli pdr - 1/2 - tsp
  • salt - to taste - as per taste
  • wheat flour- 1 - cup


1.Take a radish, Peel the radish and grate it.
2.Add salt, red chilli, amchure, cumin powder, green chillies finely chopped, coriander leaves, mix well and Squeez this mixture and remove water from it and keep aside.
3.Now take wheat flour and make dough with drained radish water, little oil, and normal water.
4.Rest it for 15 min.
5.Divide the dough into small equal parts make a small chapati and stuff the mooli mixture into it and make a chapati.
6.Take a pan, heat it and fry the parathas slowly. Fry them on both the sides with butter or ghee or oil.
7.2nd method, Take a pan, heat it and fry the grated raddish, add red chilli, cumin, amchur, salt, onions, mix well till the raddish becomes dry.
8.Divide the dough into small equal parts. make a small chapati andstuff the mooli mixture into it and make abig chapati.
9.Take a pan, heat it and fry the parathas slowly. Fry them on both the sides with butter or ghee or oil. Serve hot with onion raith
Cooking time (duration): 25

Diet type: Vegetarian

Number of servings (yield): 4

Meal type: breakfast

My rating: 4 stars:  ★★★★☆ 1 review(s)

Recipe by Vahchef.

Normally most of the children do not like eating radish. So this is the best method of feeding radish and serving them healthy and nutritious food as radish is a great source of vitamin C and are rich in minerals like sulphur, iron, and iodine.

Do try this out and keep your family members fit by eating this special mooli paratha.

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