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Laccha Parantha - gunpowder
Laccha Paratha is a crispy flaky layered paratha and making of this paratha is an art by itself. The Laccha paratha is tricky to make and delicious too. The laccha paratha is made from whole wheat flour and looks similar to the puff pastry that has the same crispness and layered stuffed with vegetables or spices. A paratha is usually stuffed with vegetables such as boiled potatoes, leafy vegetables, radish or cauliflower or paneer (south Asian cheese). A stuffed paratha always tastes best with a blob of butter spread on top or chutney, a spicy sauce made of yoghurt and fresh herbs. It’s also served with pickles and yoghurt or thick spicy curries of meat or vegetables.
Laccha Paratha is a north Indian dish and originates from the Punjab state of India. They are round in shape with multiple layers traditionally cooked in a tandoor. Another version is the Laccha paratha cooked on the Tawa which is popular in eastern India, triangular in shape with multiple layers interspaced with ghee.
There are a variety of spice powders made in southern India like the gun powder, kandi podi (lentil powder), melagai podi (idli/dosa powder), curry leaves powder, garlicand chilli mix powder and many more. To give uniqueness to this Laccha paratha we shall be making the Laccha paratha stuffed with these spicy powders.
To make the Laccha paratha firstly knead the wheat flour (atta) to a nice smooth dough. Roll it into thin sheet, spread a thin layer of butter and sprinkle the gun powder or your choice. Layer the spread dough and for a round shape. Using little dry flour prepare a round shape paratha out of it. Heat the pan and place the paratha on it and cook it evenly on one side. Apply butter and then flip to the other side. Once done the layered paratha is ready to be served with a delicious side dish. You can eat the Laccha paratha with a yummy Omelettewith gun powder. To prepare this, whisk the eggs in a bowl. Take a pan with little butter and add the beaten eggs.
Sprinkle the gun powder of your choice once the egg starts cooking. Flip the omelette to the other side and sprinkle more gunpowder if desired. Remember that you do not need to add salt to the beaten egg because sufficient salt is already added to the gunpowder. The omelette is ready to be served. Both the above varieties can be served with a nice delicious curd/ yoghurt. Adding gunpowder to curd is also an option to treat your taste buds. Tip – All the varieties of gun powder are mixed with sufficient salt hence you do not need to add salt separately. You can also add a variety of garnishes of your choice like the sesame seeds, chopped mint or coriander leaves etc.
They can be sprinkled on and lightly pressed with a rolling pin over the parathas. This is the best dish for the people who diet or are conscious of their weight. You can prepare the same with less butteror no butter. Layered Rotis or Lachha Parathas are made in many parts of India. It can be made in triangular, round or square shapes. After the parathas are cooked, you can see several distinct layers.
The outer layers are crisp while the inner layers are soft. Some people like to fill the layers with some stuffing like chutney or sabzi. There are many different ways to create the layers in the paratha. To learn the art of making the layered roti or the Laccha paratha do check this video at:

Laccha Parantha - gunpowder

Author : tamrapa...
Published On : Apr 4, 2008
Preparation Time: 7 min
Recipe Type : Breads
Cooking Time : 25 min
Standing Time : 5-8 mins
Yield : 4 (4 servings)
Ingredient : Flour
Description : recipe by Tamrapalli ---Layered Parantha with gun powder
Ingredient Name Unit Quantity
Atta/Wheat flour
to fry

to taste

Directions | How to make Laccha Parantha - Gunpowder
1. Knead the dough & roll it into thin sheet.Spread thin film of butter & sprinkle gun powder of your choice. 2. Layer the spread dough & form a round shape .Using little dry flour prepare a round shape parantha out of it. 3. Heat the pan & place the parantha on it.Cook it evenly on one side apply butter & flip the other side. 4. Layered parantha is ready to be served with a side dish. For Omlette with gunpowder:- 1.Whisk the eggs in a bowl. Take a pan with little butter & add the beaten eggs. 2.Sprinkle gunpowder of your choice once the egg starts cooking. 3. Flip the onlette to the other side & sprinkle more of gunpowder (if desired). 4. Its ready to be served. Both the above varieties can be served with curd / yoghurt .Adding gunpowder to curd is also an option for your tastebuds. Note:- Add salt if & only if required as gunpowder contains salt .

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