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coriander chicken
Coriander chicken is prepared with chicken pieces delicately cooked combined with the freshly ground mixture of coriander leaves, curry leaves and green chilies. Coriander and curry leaves are the most used and versatile of all the spices and herbs.
Their flavors are subtle and highly aromatic. The green chilies give the stinging spiciness to the dish. Coriander leaves are known as Cilantro and also looks similar to Italian flat parsley, which is also known as Chinese parsley. Both being fresh greens, a number of dishes can be prepared letting out its natural green color to the dish. Both curry leaves and coriander leaves are full of vitamins and minerals with additional benefit of dietary fiber. Both promote digestion.
Curry leaves are mainly used for seasoning. Curry leaves are used in some Ayurveda hair tonics as this encourages hair growth. They contains more vitamin ‘A’. Without coriander leaves and curry leaves, the popular Indian soup commonly known as rasam won’t taste good.
They play an important role in Indian cuisines. Both the coriander leaves and curry leaves are considered among the best aromatic herbs while the coriander seeds whole or ground are a spice. The seeds have been well known and treasured from the Mediterranean to the Middle East, Indian and China since early history. Indeed, there are references to coriander seeds in old Sanskrit writings and they have been one of the treasures retrieved from early Egyptian tombs.
Be brazen when using the freshly ground coriander seeds, as its mildness will prevent it from overpowering the dish. It blends well with garlic, chillies, flavoring chicken and vital ingredient for spice meat dishes in the Caribbean and curries in Asian cuisine.
It is also used in preparing vegetable curries or stews. From Mexican cuisine to south Eastern Asia, the coriander leaves are most widely used aromatic herbs in the World for its distinctive aroma, pungent and bitter flavor. To prepare the Coriander Chicken firstly grind the fresh coriander leaves (can use the stem also), curry leaves, chopped green chillies to form a nice paste. Take few coriander seeds and crush them coarsely in your ding chik and keep aside.
Make another paste with poppy seeds and coconut and keep aside. In a hot pan add oil and then add little cumin seeds. When the cumin seeds splutters, to this add the coarsely ground coriander seeds and mix well. Add ginger garlic paste, poppy seeds and coconut paste and sauté.
Add little turmeric powder, coriander and curry leaves paste and mix well. Add salt and cook for mixture well for about 5 mins till oil oozes out. Add the chicken pieces and sauté well. Add yoghurt and mix. Cover the pan with a lid and cook for another 5 mins.
After 5 mins remove the lid and cook till you require the desired consistency and chicken is tender.  The coriander chicken is ready. This dish is highly aromatic dish full of flavors and luscious to taste. Do not miss this dish or else you are missing the natural aroma of the spices and their nutritional benefits.
Do try this and I am sure your family and friends would enjoy this enticing dish. View making at: 
In Asian folk medicine, coriander has been used to treat stomach problems, nausea, fevers, measles, colds, and hernias. In Western folk medicine, coriander was used primarily for digestive and gastric complaints. Coriander seed oil is used in the pharmaceutical industry to mask the unpleasant taste of various medicines. Cilantro is rich in minerals and vitamins A, B, and C. Because it contains next to no calories, it's a favorite herb of dieters.

coriander chicken

Author : dr_shah...

Published On : Feb 4, 2008

Preparation Time: 7 min

Recipe Type : NonVeg-Main

Cooking Time : 25 min

Standing Time : 5-8 mins

Yield : 4 (4 servings)

Ingredient : Chicken

Description : Coriander Chicken Recipe made easy, learn how to make coriander chicken Recipes at home.

Ingredient Name Unit Quantity
coriander leaves
garlic ginger paste
green chilli
to taste
turmeri powder


Directions | How to make Coriander Chicken

grind coriander leaves,green chillies and cashews in to a fine paste.add garlic ginger paste,curd,salt and turmeric powder marinate the chicken in these for 1-2 hrs. put oil in the kadai add chicken stir it for 4-5 mins,then allow it to between stir.otherwise the cashew wil burn very fast.

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