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Chinese Toffee Bananas

Every thing about Chinese Toffee Bananas | Vahrehvah :

Chinese Toffee banana is a classic and mouth melting Chinese dessert made with slices of banana that are battered and deep-fried, then coated in a pleasant glazing of  caramel and sprinkled on with sesame seeds making them deliciously crisp. You can also substitute banana with other fruits like apple or pineapple. The toffee banana with its candy glaze, crunchy fritter batter and sweet taste from the banana is a wonderful dessert for all kids of all ages.

This has a unique taste unlike other common desserts and goes very well served with vanilla ice-cream. The outer covering with batter deep fried gives a crispy coating with warmth and is mouth melting inside. The roasted sesame seeds give a crunchy texture and enhance the taste and aroma giving a nutty taste to the toffee banana.

Banana Banana is a wonderful fruit having a creamy texture and sweet to very sweet flavour. When raw, they are cooked as vegetable and ripe fruits can be pulped for puree which can be used in a variety of dishes like ice cream,  yogurt, cake, bread, nectar and baby food.

Plantains also known as plátanos (in Spanish) and when are eaten as vegetables much like fellow tropical produce such as potatoes, taro, yam and sweet potatoes etc. Indeed, they are one of the staple sources of carbohydrates for larger populations in Asia, Oceania, Africa, and Central Americas for centuries, used like potatoes and served in main courses.

Green plantains are bland and starchy while the medium ripe plantains are yellow and are slightly sweet. The fully ripe bananas are aromatic and sweet. Bananas are natural food rich in vitamins, minerals and fibre and make a healthy addition to any diet. Banana is used in making a variety of delectable and yummy desserts.

Some of the popular dishes are:

Banana Bread, Banana Dosai, Strawberry-Banana Milkshake, EGGLESS BANANA CAKE, Banana Pudding, Banana Chips

Banana is a staple fruit of India and a fantastic thing about bananas are they are delicious and is easily affordable and available throughout the year. They are consumed mainly for its natural taste, texture and give a feeling of fullness when eaten. It is one of the best nutritious and wholesome fruits. The fruit contains a good amount of soluble dietary fiber that helps normal bowel movements; thereby reducing constipation problems.

Banana pulp is composed of soft, easily digestible flesh with simple sugars like fructose and sucrose that when eaten replenishes energy and revitalizes the body instantly; thus, for these qualities, bananas are being used by athletes to get instant energy and as supplement food in the treatment plan for underweight children.

How to make Chinese Toffee Bananas:


  1. All purpose flour                  -           1 cup
  2. Baking powder                     -           ¼ tsp
  3. Bananas                                -           2 nos
  4. Corn flour                              -           1 cup
  5. Oil for deep frying
  6. Sesame seeds                      -           1 tbsp
  7. Sugar                                     -           150 gms


To make the batter, whisk together equal quantity of cornflour, all-purpose flour and add little water and mix until smooth. Cut the banana into roundels and dip it into the batter and deep fry the bananas.

For making caramel – Take a pan and add sugar, very little water and cook on medium heat until the caramel is done. Remove from heat then working quickly, one at a time, add the fried bananas to the caramel and turn to coat well all sides drop this into ice water to set the caramel.

Drain immediately then sprinkle with sesame seeds, serve with ice-cream. For making Chinese toffee bananas, you will have to use fresh, ripe bananas which are sweet and firm. An amazing dessert that gives a soft and buttery feel inside and crispy texture outside!

Click on the link below to watch the making of Chinese Toffee Bananas.

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