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Benefits of eating Horse gram

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Horse gram is type of legume, highly nutritious, a rich source of protein and generally grown in dry agricultural areas. It is commonly known by various names such as Ulava, Kulath, Gahat, Kollu paruppu, etc. This is an amazing dal with numerous healing properties and is good for weight loss.


Horse gram is a small oval shaped legume which is available in two varieties; one is a light brown and the other reddish brown. Generally horse gram needs a prolonged cooking time hence it is soaked in water for few hours and then pressure cooked.



It has a hard texture and its aroma is similar to freshly cut hay. Nicely cooked horse gram obtains awesome palatable value.  Horse gram is often consumed by rural areas of southern India as whole meal, soups or as sprouts. In Andhra Pradesh, Horse gram is commonly known as Ulava and is used in preparing a very popular dish namely Ulava Charu (Horse gram soup). This helps in clearing the digestive tract of worm infections, reduces flatulence and acidity and keeps the digestive system in good condition.


If you are very conscious of your weight or following any weight loss diet then do include Horse gram in your regular diet. It is considered that by eating horse gram daily will help reduce obesity. Horse gram can be used in various ways for cooking.



Kullat sprouts are generally used in preparing soups, salads, vegetable curries or added in raitas. A simple Kullat Dal can also be made as part of your main course. Kullat Dal is an exceptionally nutritious, yummy and very appetizing side dish that go well with hot rice.


The Kullat dal is extremely easy to prepare and truly taste divine. The cooked reddish brown dal has a striking chocolaty color and looks tempting to eat. Kullat is an excellent source of protein and B-complex vitamins. It is extremely beneficial for diabetics, hypertensive patients and people suffering from heart disease.


This (Horse gram) legume is a wonder legume that can cure a number of health problems. Horse gram is widely used in the state of Maharashtra. It is used in making the usal mixed with other ingredients. You could also add in making delicious koshimbiri (salad).


Try adding horse gram to your regular Khichidi which would be a great and nutritive variation in your meal. The nutritive value of Horse gram is quite similar to other pulses. It is an excellent source of protein, good source of dietary fiber, rich in vitamin C and iron.


It helps regulate blood pressure and blood glucose levels. It is believed that it aids in curing arthritis and regular consumption relieves the pain of piles. To enjoy all these benefits of Horse gram, do try our simple recipe and you’ll surely enjoy the taste and its health benefits.



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