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Appam Recipe, Nariyal, How To Make Appam Recipe

kerala style appam is made with fermented rice batter and coconut milk. And most popular among Kerala breakfast recipes that are healthy and easy to make, Appam is a type of pancake It is also popular in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka.


Appam is a famous dish from the cuisine of Read More..

About Recipe

Kobbari, Thengai, Narkel

How to make appam

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Prep time
15 mins
Cook time
10 mins
Total time
25 mins
Author : Vahchef
Main Ingredient : Coconut
Servings : 2 persons
Published date : February 25, 2019

Ingredients used in appam
• Water - as required.
• Dry yeast - 2 grams.
• Sugar - 2 teaspoons.
• Coconut grated fresh - 1 cup.
• Rice - 1-1/2 cup.
• Oil - 1 tablespoon.
  • Soak rice for 6hrs and blend in the blender by adding grated coconut, sugar to a fine paste.
  • Take warm water, add dry yeast and mix well then add to the batter and keep it for overnight.
  • Once the batter is fermented take appam tawa rub oil and pour the batterthen rotate and cover with the lid once it is done remove, repeat the same.

Cooking with images Naral, Thengini kai



Appam is a famous dish from the cuisine of Kerala and is a popular breakfast dish served with coconut stew, sweet coconut milk or honey. Appam is a fermented flat Indian bread or can also be said a sort of pancake made out of rice and coconut. Appam is known by various names In Tamil Nadu, it is called as Aappam, Srilankans prefer to call as appa or hopper and Keralites call as Appam.

This dish is especially popular among the Syrian Christians community of Kerala and is said that Appam was adapted from the Jewish people who migrated to Kerala. Appam is a signature dish that is commonly prepared in every house and served at almost all restaurants. It has in fact become an identity of all Keralites. There are a variety of variations of Appam such as Palappam, Velayappam, Wheat appam, Kallappam, Tuna appam, Vatayappam, Achappam and so on…. every appam has its own unique taste and is very delicious and light to eat. Traditionally, the simplest of all is the Appam which is just made using rice flour, yeast and coconut milk.

Palappam is made by grinding rice and mixing with yeast and coconut milk. They are made in a special pan called palappam chatti. Kallappam is mostly made using Toddy and you can substitute it with yeast. It’s made with grinding rice, grated coconut, shallots and cumin. They are made on a flat pan similar to pancakes.

Rice flour being the main ingredient in making of Appam is made from raw, uncooked, finely milled white rice. Rice flour is a staple in south East Asia, Japan and southern Indian cuisines. There are mainly other wonderful dishes that can be made with rice flour which includes sarva pindi (spicy rice flour pancakes from Andhra Pradesh), Thakkadi (Rice Flour Dumplings in Spicy Mutton Curry), rice flour puttu etc.  Rice flour in general can serve as a substitute for wheat flour and is beneficial for those people who are gluten intolerant or wheat allergy. Rice flour is also milder, lighter and easier to digest than wheat flour.

There are two main types of regular rice flour, brown and white rice flours. These flours differ in consistency, color and nutrient content. Both types are further categorized by grain size, variety and processing method. The texture of white rice flour is fine as opposed to brown rice flour, which has a coarse texture.

The plain appam or vella appam is fairly neutral in taste and mostly served with some spicy condiment or curry. The vital point in getting a soft and perfect appam is fermentation of the batter. Usually the plain appam is served with Kadala curry, mutton stew or vegetable stew or egg roast in south central Kerala. In most of the breakfast items from the Kerala cuisine are steam cooked like the Idli, puttu, idiyappam etc. It is believed that steamed foods are easily digestible and is fatless. This method of cooking reduces the loss of nutrients, is cooked well as well as it is very soft since cooked food retains its moisture.

Steaming makes the diet light and healthy and helps to manage your cholesterol. It is especially a great diet for the diabetic people, old and sick people. For preparing the appam, firstly soak rice for 6 hours and then blend in the blender adding grate coconut and little sugar to a fine paste. Take warm water in a bowl, add dry yeast and mix well. Add the yeast mixture to the batter and keep it aside overnight. Once the batter is fermented, take the appam tawa, rub some oil and pour the batter and rotate the pan in a circular motion (watch the video). Cover with the lid until done. Remove and serve.

This recipe is a simple and humble plain appam dish with no frills and thrills and can also be eaten on its own or served with anything you like. So, if you love eating steam cooking to lead a healthy life style then do try this dish, you’ll surely love it. Watch the making of the video to get a clear picture.

Enjoy Cooking!

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Vijaya N Posted on Tue Apr 09 2013

hey Chef! thanks a lot for this recipe!!!! I m sure U r either a malayali or a tamilian!!! anywhich ways, i m making this dish tomorrow for breakfast...

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C SWAPNA Posted on Fri Apr 19 2013

interesting video that tends me to make appam immediately,which once i have hated to make anymore

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Srimani G. Venkataraman Posted on Sat Apr 27 2013

there's no need to add sugar. as an alternative to yeast, the edges of bread slices (the brown ones could be soaked in coconut water and ground. chenna curry, stew, coconut chutney, coconut milk and sugar etc.. all goes well with appam. instead o

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Chandfilms Posted on Sun Apr 28 2013

its 'Appam' ! not Aaapam ! -.-

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pinky jordan Posted on Tue Apr 30 2013

he is from andhra

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Urvasi163 Posted on Sun May 05 2013

Great recipe. Could you please make a video on how to make Paniyaram .

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Anas Marjan Posted on Fri May 17 2013

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91rummy Posted on Mon May 20 2013

The way he explains the recipe is as if for a layman. Which is so helpful to ppl who sometimes may not know the ingredient or the procedure. You make it so easy for everyone. Thank you chef.

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Joe Flink Posted on Mon Jun 03 2013

From 4:38 to 4:48 I become hypnotized by the batter.

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Devin Posted on Mon Jun 10 2013

No way! It is only called Appam not aappam. Aappam is a Tamil usage! Not sure about Palakkad - you may have a bit of Tamil influence. I can tell you that from Malappuram to Kasaragod it is called Appam! I am sure it's Appam in South Kerala too.

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Devin Posted on Mon Jun 10 2013

It's Appam not aappam! Aappam is a Tamil usage! Period! I am from Malabar area and I can vouch for the fact that from Malappuram to Kasaragod it is called Appam or vellayappam!

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Swendraraj Brodie Posted on Mon Jun 10 2013

I am watching this video but where is the recipe? How can i get it?

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