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Macedonia di Frutta Fruit Salad

Macedonia di frutta is a healthy Italian fruit salad which is healthy and delicious dessert that makes very few calories. It is a fantastic dish suitable for all seasons and can also be prepared and served as snack for kids and adults. This Italian salad is a medley of fruits combined together served with or without topping.


You can add seasonal fruits or fruits such as melons, kiwifruit, strawberries, blueberries, pears or pineapple. For a good preparation of the Macedonia di frutta you need to chop the fruits and first dipping the fruits that are harder like apples and then the more fragile such as strawberries and kiwis.


Macedonia di frutta is a salad preparation of mixed fruits. Its name probably derives from that of the Balkan country which is characterized by the coexistence of different populations (Macedonians, Albanians, Greeks, i.e. neo-Latin-Aromanian Balkan-South, Serbs, Turks). Eating fruits now days have become a healthy way of staying fit and follow a healthy balanced diet.


Modern diet habits are highly chaotic and have become complex as kids are very fond of eating junk and fast foods. Skipping meals and irregular diet habits have also contributed to many health problems. Hence one needs to eat right, healthy and nutritious food. Eating fresh and raw foods is very beneficial as they contain lots of nutrients and vitamins.


Fruit salads excel in both fronts and are cholesterol and fat free. There are various ways of making the fruit salad. In India especially north India, the fruit chaat is a popular street food made with mixed seasonal fruits spiced with some chaat masala and sprinkled with a lemon zest.


Fruits have better bio availability and can be easily assimilated and digested by human body. It a natural and fresh diet that gives a wider variety of nutrients that actually work together to produce even more powerful health benefits than eating just one single fruit alone. Simple plain fruit salad with any dressing or topping is low in fat content as most of the fruits are high in water content.


Energy provided by any food item depends mainly depends upon its palatability and fiber content. The fruit salad offers you the required energy without adding to your body weight. Fruit salads also lack sodium. Hence they reduce the water retention capacity of body and helps in weight reduction. Inclusion of Fruit syrups can help underweight people to gain pounds.


For preparing the luscious and juicy Macedonia di frutta fruit salad, in a large bowl, cut all the fruits (apple, bananas, cantaloupe, grapes, kiwis, pear and yellow peaches) into small evenly sized pieces and mix well with the lemon juice and chopped walnuts. Taste the salad and if your fruits are good and sweet then the fruit salad will be sweet and ready. If not, then add sugar and mix. Refrigerate the fruit salad for about ½ hour before serving.


What makes the Macedonia di frutta fruit salad special is that it’s tossed with lemon juice and sugar (can also use honey instead of sugar) and left in the fridge for a couple of hours to let the juices and flavors come out to make is luscious. Do serve the Macedonia fruit salad chilled and during festive occasions you can top it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


Do try this out which will keep your family running on their toes to the refrigerator for grabbing the bowl of fruit salad.


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Italians also sometimes add wine which will blend well with the juices of the fruit to create a fabulous wine cooler. This dessert is usually not served at the end of an Italian family meal but the bowl of fruit is always present at every meal. Fresh seasonal fruit makes an easy instant dessert for any occasion.


Macedonia Italian fruit salad is a region in the Balkans, where many different populations live together. Maybe this is the reason for the name of this dessert, which features all sorts of different fruits together. There is no particular rule: any kind of fruit in season can be used. If you want a more exotic taste, tropical fruits can be used (mango, papaya, pineapple, etc.); for a more domestic taste, use the types available at the farmers’ market.


Fruit salad can be flavored with lemon, sweet wine, or liquor depending on personal taste. Fruit salads offer you several other health benefits which can effectively curb your bad cholesterol or LDL content. Higher LDL content is the root cause of several heart and cardio vascular diseases.


Hence, eating fresh fruit salad can help you in curbing heart and cardio vascular diseases. Aging can be curbed if fruit salad is given more preference in your daily diet. It helps you to remain youthful for a longer period. It helps you in gaining energy while exercising. Generally Vitamin A content in fruit salad is higher. Hence, it adds to your vision power and proper blood circulation.


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