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Every thing about CURRY VEGETABLE DIP | Vahrehvah :

Curry vegetable dip makes an excellent dish for any spicy snack or appetizers. Made with a combination of curry powder, chopped green onion, grated carrot, ground black pepper, plain yoghurt, sugar and mayonnaise gives this dip a sweet, spicy flavor. It also makes a delectable dip for chips or fryums. Curry vegetable dip makes a great slightly thick dip which adds additional flavor when eaten with shrimp, kebabs etc.

The flavors of curry powder blended with yoghurt and mayonnaise is just more than an appetizing dip. Freshly made chilled curry vegetable dip melded well together is also best when spread over leftover naan or kulcha or any rye bread. Dips blends are delicious and quick to make and just added to mayonnaise, yoghurt and other ingredients makes a fantastic tasting dip.

You can make a number of delicious and creative dips to attract and impress for all the fancy snacks during special feasts and functions. Curry vegetable dip is full of flavor, natural without any artificial ingredients and tastes extremely wonderful for picnics, barbecues and parties. Made with carrots adds good abundant amount of vitamins and minerals and is a tasty way to add extra nutrition to the diet. Carrots are one of the most popular and well loved vegetables.

Carrots are particularly rich in antioxidants and are a wonderful way to add flavor and texture to many delicious vegetables recipes. There are a number of recipes where carrots are used to enhance the dish which includes Cabbage carrot curry, Mutton and carrot kheema, Chicken with carrot, Carrot cauliflower pickle, Spicy peas and carrot pulav and many many more…

Vegetables or meats are great for snacking but to everyone wants a delicious dip on side to enhance the taste and flavor. This wonderful curry vegetable dip will add zing to your vegetables without masking the flavor. This dish makes an excellent dip for parties, feasts and picnics. They also make great dry rubs for steak, fish or chicken products. It is perfect for entertaining and a dip adds a special touch to any kind of gathering.

To prepare this fantastic curry vegetable dip, combine yoghurt, carrots, mayonnaise, green onions, sugar, curry powder and pepper in a bowl and mix well together.

Refrigerate for several hours or overnight and serve chilled. Taste rich in taste and flavorful that you’ll want to savor each bite and every bit of the snack and crave for more.

Do try this delicious dip and next time you make any snack, serve with this appetizing dip.

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