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Boondi is a Indian snack made from Chickpea flour. It is a fried snack that can be prepared in two different flavors sweet and salty (khara). Normally Boondi is prepared by just mixing few spices and salt and deep fried. Chickpeas flour in India is used in many ways.
The flour is used to prepare fritters, pancakes and savoury balls. Khara boondi can be eaten by itself or is added to Indian mixture. To prepare Boondi you need to have the right ladle or else you can use the ladle with holes that everybody has at home. The chickpeas flour is available in 2 types. One is fine flour and the other is the coarse powdered flour.
For preparing the Boondi you need to use the flour that is finely powdered. Put the chickpea flour (besan flour) in a bowl add little water to achieve the dropping consistency. Pour drops of this mixture into hot oil with a holed ladle. Deep fry till the drops become golden brown. Drain to remove excess oil and keep aside.
To give spiciness to the Boondi, add some fried peanuts, curry leaves, red chilli powder, salt as per your taste and mix it well. You can prepare many other dishes with the plain Boondi. With Boondi one of the famous sweet that is prepared during the Ganesh Chaturthi in large numbers is the Boondi ladoo. Boondi ladoo is fried boondi dipped in sugar syrup and formed into balls.
The ladoos are made into various sizes.

Recipe: Boondi

Summary: boondi made with besan atta.


  1. peanuts -1/2 - cup
  2. red chilli powder - 1 -to taste
  3. cup besan flour - 1 - cup
  4. curryleaves - 2 - springs
  5. oil for deep frying - 0 - 1
  6. salt to taste - 1 - to taste
  7. water - 1 - 0


  1. Mix the besan Add little water to achieve the dropping consistency.
  2. Pour drops of this mixture into hot oil with a slotted spoon.
  3. Deep fry till the drops become golden brown.
  4. Drain to remove excess oil After removing boondi from oil
  5. Fry peanuts,curry leaves
  6. Add peanuts and curry leaves,sprinkle red chilli powderand salt as per your taste after adding these mix this to boondimix well.

Cooking time (duration): 25

Diet type: Vegetarian

Number of servings (yield): 4

Meal type: snack

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Plain boondi is also eaten along with payasam in South India. In North India, Boondi is added to yoghurt which is also known as the Boondi raita and they also prepare the Boondi ki Subji. Boondi ka raita is the most common raita in Indian homes and even served when entertaining some guests. Bundi raita is served as an accompaniment to meals.

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