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Every thing about COCONUT MILK RICE PUDDING | Vahrehvah :

Coconut Milk rice pudding is a simple, gluten free, creamy rice pudding made with coconut milk topped with a delicious mix of ripe juicy small chunks of mango combined with five spice mix that makes it truly heavenly and creates an island flavour that you would never forget. Mango delicacies are highly tempting, luscious and simply hard to resist. Coconut and mango is a perfect combo and flavours blend naturally.

This makes a very rich creamy dessert that has the right balance of tangy fruit, toasty nutty coconut and subtle sweetness.  Made with Arborio’s rice having natural starches that help in thickening the pudding and the coconut milk backdrop is redolent of the tropics. This dish is a very popular dessert from the Thai cuisine. The coconut milk rice pudding is the epitome of comfort food when it comes to dessert…Rich, Creamy, Soothing and Exotic to taste.

In India, Kerala is the main hub where coconut milk is extensively used for various dishes such as Paal Paniyaram (Paniyaram In Coconut Milk), Tapioca With Coconut Milk, Fish Molee (Kerala Style In Coconut Milk), Coconut Milk Rasam (Kobbari Charu) and many more. Coconut Milk Mango Rice Pudding is an exceptionally wonderful Thai delight that is naturally low in fat and calories while remaining high in flavour, texture, and taste.

Coconut milk has been used in food for many decades now and is used for making a variety of savoury and sweet delicious dishes. Coconut milk is a vital ingredient in used in many traditional Thai foods. It is readily available in super market or for true lovers of home cooking; making of coconut milk is irresistible. Coconut milk give a nice sweetness and creamy body to the pudding blended with milk flavoured with vanilla.

Two of the most popular Thai desserts made with coconut milk are ‘mango with sticky rice and ‘banana cooked in coconut milk’. Be aware that stale coconut milk does not taste good and has a rancid flavour. Coconut milk in particular offers exciting array of hidden health benefits. Although experts had condemned use of coconut milk a few decades ago due to its high-fat content, recent studies have uncovered valuable aspects of this fluid that can be used in a number of ways to improve people’s health.

High in saturated fat and calories, coconut milk is similar to human milk in key ways and contains important nutrients and fibre content.  The saturated fat in coconut is made up of short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids the body quickly turns into energy instead of storing as fat. Therefore, even though it's high in saturated fat, coconut aids in weight loss. Coconut milk contains many vitamins, minerals and electrolytes, including potassium, calcium and chloride.

Coconut milk is an excellent substitute for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to animal milk. This vegan drink is also soy-free, gluten-free and nut-free. Apart from inclusion in cooking, coconut milk is used in skin-care products to moisturize the skin and relieve dry skin and rashes. It also can be used on the hair and in baths. Coconut milk rice pudding is best when made with Arborio rice which is a speciality Italian variety of rice that is commonly used in risotto dishes.

This variety of rice is grown in the Piedmont and Lombardy regions of Italy and also in California. Arborio absorbs more liquid while cooking than other rice thus requiring additional liquid to be added throughout the cooking period. They are small polished kernels that develop a creamy consistency.  When properly cooked, Arborio rice develops a unique texture with a starchy creamy surface and a firm bite in the centre. It has an exceptional ability to absorb flavours.

Arborio is traditionally used for preparing a variety of Risotto dishes and is prized for its increased starch lends this classic dish its requisite creamy texture. It's a good choice if you're making sushi or rice pudding, and also works pretty well in a risotto or paella. Arborio Rice used primarily in Risotto dishes often reflect the seasons. Popular dishes made with this rice are: Mushroom risotto, Prawn risotto, Pumpkin and Apple risotto etc.

Arborio rice is short, fat, slightly oval shaped having a pearly white exterior. There is various size designations, of which superfine, the largest grain size, is the one most commonly used in the United States. Because it undergoes less milling than ordinary long-grained rice, it retains more of its natural starch content. Cooking releases this starch, giving risotto its creamy consistency. A pound of arborio rice can absorb up to 6 cups of liquid without becoming mushy.

To prepare this luscious Coconut milk rice pudding, firstly take a heavy bottomed sauce pan and add in 1 cup coconut milk, 2 3/4 to 3 cups milk, or as needed, 1/4 cup white sugar, 1/8 tsp vanilla, salt to taste and combine all ingredients well and cook the mixture over medium to low heat until it reaches a boil. 

Boil for one minute then turn off the heat. Prepare the Arborio rice, in a medium sauce pan over medium heat, add 1 tablespoon butter and 1/3 cup Arborio rice (Note: I haven’t tested this recipe using regular rice, so no idea if that will work here. My instincts tell me, not nearly as well) and mix well.

Do not brown the rice. Slowly add in one cup of coconut milk and stir continuously until all the liquid is absorbed. Add in another cup of liquid, stir until absorbed. Add in final cup of liquid, stir until absorbed. Bring to a boil, and then reduce to simmer until the majority of the liquid has been absorbed and the rice is done and creamy. The rice will eventually absorb most of the coconut milk, creating a very thick rice pudding. Set finished rice to the side.

For the garnish: take 1/4 cup finely diced mango and a pinch of Chinese 5-Spice and mix slowly. Scoop some of the pudding into bowls. Top it with mango garish on top of the rice pudding. Tip: One thing that makes this a more denser rice pudding is folding in 1 egg yolk, beaten with 2 tbsp milk and add to the final product just before putting off the fire.

This makes the pudding feel lighter in your mouth and it adds richness and flavour. Egg is optional. To treat yourself to a taste of exotic, beautiful, guilt free tropical dessert then you must try this incredible coconut milk rice pudding to pamper your palate. Enjoy Cooking!

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