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Every thing about BREAKFAST BURRITOS | Vahrehvah :

Breakfast burrito is a variety of American breakfast and is composed of different breakfast items wrapped inside a flour tortilla with green chili. This style was invented and popularized in different regional American cuisines; most notably New Mexican cuisine, Southwestern cuisine, and Tex-Mex. Breakfast burritos offer all the advantages of a hearty, warm breakfast but have the added benefit of on-the-go portability. The classic version, made with scrambled eggs, beans, cheese, salsa and sour cream, is hard to beat, but it’s just one way to bundle your breakfast. These seven ideas push breakfast burrito boundaries to include a variety of irresistible ingredient combinations from roasted tomatoes with pesto and Parmesan to bacon, avocado and jalapeño. All of these burritos make for a filling and fortifying way to start your day, but they’d be just as satisfying for lunch or dinner. Each recipe makes four single-serving burritos, but feel free to scale the quantities up or down as needed.

The name burrito possibly derives from the appearance of a rolled up wheat tortilla, which vaguely resembles the ear of its namesake animal, or from bedrolls and packs that donkeys carried. Mexican popular tradition tells the story of a man named Juan Mendez who used to sell tacos in a street stand, using a donkey as a transport for himself and the food, during the Mexican Revolution period (1910–1921) in the Bella Vista neighborhood in Ciudad Juárez. To keep the food warm, Mendez wrapped food in large home made flour tortillas inside individual napkins. He had a lot of success, and consumers came from other places around the Mexican border looking for the "food of the burrito" (i.e., "food of the little donkey"), the word they eventually adopted as the name for these large tacos

Roti (also known as chapati) is a flatbread originating from the Indian subcontinent, made from stoneground wholemeal flour, traditionally known as atta. In India, we have the roti or chapatti accompanied with variety of delectable curries or gravies. You can also have fillings of delicious vegetables, herbs and paneer or tofu for a super healthy breakfast choice. As now a days there is common saying that people do not have enough time in hand, burrito is a great breakfast option for these sorts of busy people as all of the ingredients (mixed vegetable dry fry or any yummy filling) are rolled into one tidy and tasty bundle and be eaten easily without messy around. There are many kinds of Roti’s, few of them are: Naan, Bathura, Jowar Ki Roti, Roomali Roti, Kasta Ajwain Puri, Sweet Poori, Ragi roti..

Egg, the much-loved comfort food and hugely versatile. A recent study showed that people who ate high-protein breakfasts were able to control mid-meal hunger pangs and consumed fewer calories during lunch. The amount of protein consumed also plays an important role in maintaining and satisfying your appetite. Cooking an egg is always an adventure since it involves technique and precision.  Since the human body requires a certain gram of protein everyday it's good to consume eggs. Eggetarians can consume an egg everyday. Some of the egg dishes are: Egg Biryani, Egg Curry, Masala Egg Paratha, Egg Puff, Egg Burji, Egg fried rice, Chinese Egg drop soup

Cooking TIips:

  • To reheat: Remove burrito from plastic wrap and loosely wrap in a paper towel. Heat for 45 seconds in the microwave, flip over and heat for another 45 seconds. (Reheating times may vary slightly based on your microwave)

Health Tips:

  • Eggs are a well known rich source of protein — an important building block of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin, and blood.
  • Eggs are packed with iron, zinc and phosphorus minerals that are vital for your body.
  • Tortillas are a good source of B vitamins, which support a healthy nervous system.

Since, burritos are easy to make and easy to eat they make a good breakfast item. Moreover a variety of healthy ingredients can be added to make a customized nutritive burrito. You can make a super healthy burrito using this recipe and or create new innovative stuffing ideas of your choice.

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