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The doughnut is Homemade in many countries and prepared in various forms as a sweet snack....

Date: - Feb 1, 2019

cold coffee - Shake

Easy and quick recipe for cold coffee milk shake made with coffee....

Date: - Sep 18, 2018

Sour cream

Sour cream is a dairy product obtained by fermenting a regular cream with certain kinds of lactic acid bacteria. The bacterial culture, which is introduced either deliberately or naturally, sours and thickens the cream....

Date: - Mar 19, 2019


This is easy and kids special recipe and it is deliciously sophisticated dessert....

Date: - Jan 30, 2019

Cocoa Coffee Cookies

Coffee cocoa cookies are excellent tea time snack made with short crust dough flavoured with instant coffee....

Date: - Mar 20, 2019


The cake is moist with a rich coffee flavor, plus the mascarpone makes the frosting. This is a really deep luxurious coffee cake, very impressive and delicious....

Date: - Feb 27, 2019

Coffee Cookies

This easy recipe uses instant coffee granules and walnuts to make nice, coffee-flavored cookies....

Date: - Jan 30, 2019

Cold Coffee

How to makeCold Coffee?How to cookCold Coffee?Learn the recipeCold Coffeeby vahchef.For all recipes visit

Date: - Nov 22, 2016

Frothy Hot Coffee

How to makeFrothy Hot Coffee?How to cookFrothy Hot Coffee?Learn the recipeFrothy Hot Coffeeby vahchef.For all recipes visit

Date: - Nov 22, 2016

Apple Coffee Cake

This is an extremely moist and light coffee cake. Learn the recipe of Apple Coffee Cake by vahchef....

Date: - Nov 21, 2016

Coffee Cake

Coffee cake is a sponge cake flavoured with coffee. Learn the recipe of Coffee Cake by vahchef....

Date: - Nov 22, 2016

Cold Coffe Shake

How to makeCold Coffe Shake?How to cookCold Coffe Shake?Learn the recipeCold Coffe Shakeby vahchef.For all recipes visit

Date: - Nov 23, 2016


    Cold coffee has become one of the most popular drinks in India over the few years. Traditionally India was famous for the hot filt...

Date: - Sep 7, 2016


Eggnog coffee is a classic beverage made with a flavoring that resembles the wonderful taste of eggnog which typically consists of milk, eggs and...

Date: - Sep 17, 2016


French apple coffee cake is fun, flavorful and a moist cake that tastes amazing to the palate. This cake has a wonderful soft texture with just t...

Date: - Sep 3, 2016

Coffee Mousse

Coffee Mousse is light, fluffy, very refreshing, chilled and a perfectly sophisticated dessert dish Coffee Mousse is light, fluffy, v...

Date: - Sep 21, 2016

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