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Zagreb Steak, bearing the name of its origin is a traditional and original Croatian dish. This dish is deliciously made with veal stuffed with and cheese and deep fried coated in breadcrumbs. If you are an absolute meat lover, and meat and more meat is your choice, then you simply should try this dish.

The cuisine of Zagreb and northern Croatia (Zagorje) with its cold winters and chilly springs is based on hearty meat dishes, with sides of beans, hearty soups and cabbage-based salads. Bread is often maize or barley or both. Filling and tasty, the cuisine from this part of the world is more like peasant fare than anything else. Homemade cheese, polenta, game and local fresh-water fish are staples in Zagorje.

Croatian cuisine is a unique representation of the harmony of interesting and tasty dishes, often seemingly incompatible contradictions. The richness and generosity at Zagreb tables, full of tasty dishes and supporting drinks are recorded in many cookbooks. The first cookbook dates from the 19th century, written by Marija Kumičić. She based her cookbook on the middle class models of the time, Katarina Prato and Sint-Hylaire but did not forget domestic, national dishes.

Zagreb cuisine is the combination of rich heritage reflecting the troubled history. Citizens of Zagreb were always attentive to what they ate. It is worth mentioning that Zagreb citizens liked home-cooked dishes, generating numerous traditional gastronomy events with presentations and ratings in the town and its vicinity. Surveys show that citizens of Zagreb are great admirers of Mediterranean cuisine, probably due to undoubtedly better food selection, than Dalmatians.

Modern Zagreb cuisine and diet habits of its citizens are at the Croatian top from the nutritionist’s point of view. Meat dishes are popular in Zagreb and have it own steak known as Zagreb Steak which is veal stuffed with cheese and ham and then put in breadcrumbs and fried as the Viennese steak.

If every have an opportunity, do not miss traditional Zagreb gablec (midmorning meal) - wine goulash or tripes, stewed season vegetables made of leek, sweet or sauerkraut with beans accompanied by minced meat or sausages, sarma or stuffed paprika - then beef soup or chicken soup with noodles, krpice sa zeljem (square pasta with roasted cabbage), blood sausages and bratwurst sausages with potatoes and sauerkraut, cooked smoked pork shank with sour cabbage, cooked hen or beef with horseradish sauce, and cooked ham with freshly grated horseradish and so on.

Veal is considered to be an important ingredient in Italian and French cuisines from ancient days. Veal is often cooked in the form of cutlets, namely Italian cotoletta or the famous Austrian dish Wiener Schnitzel. As veal is lower in fat than many meats, care must be taken in preparation to ensure that it does not become tough. Veal is often coated in preparation for frying or eaten with a sauce. Veal Parmigiana is a common Italian-American dish consisting of breaded veal cutlets.

To prepare this traditional and delicious Zagreb Steak, firstly beat the steaks and sprinkle with a little bit of curry powder. Place one slice of ham and cheese on one side of each steak.

Fold the steak so it covers the ham and cheese and further secure it with toothpicks. Roll the steaks in flour, then in eggs mixture and then in bread crumbs.

Heat oil in a deep frying pan or shallow frying and fry the steaks for 5 to 10 minutes on both sides. Go ahead and check the recipe of details of ingredients used.

Click on Zagreb steak for detailed recipe.

Enjoy cooking!

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