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Nowadays with the fast paced high-tech lives that we are all dealing with, many of us love to eat out to get away from the same monotonous routines and treat ourselves with some good food, fun and entertainment. To some, this has also become a trend eating on the run to just fill their bellies.


We are surrounded with a wide variety of striking and alluring foods that tempt us on eating. It is very important that you make smart choices while picking outside foods as we are well surrounded with numerous diseases that are ready to attack if we neglect our lifestyles. Here are some excellent tips/ make smart choices while eating out. Whenever you go out to eat, there are various healthy and unhealthy foods readily available.


I would always suggest that eating food made at home is best as you could save money, add less fat, eat smaller portions, have better family interactions, make healthy foods and more variety as per your taste using less fat. Eating on the run has become a way of life for many families. For such people you must think before you order, think about how hungry you are, read the menu carefully to make the right choice of food and ask about the basics.


Tips choosing healthy options when eating out:

  1. Avoid mayonnaise based dressing and go in for low-fat or fresh salad dressings and sauces that are cholesterol free.
  2. Eat salsa instead of sour cream or butter.
  3. Steamed or baked vegetables are the right choice instead of French fries.
  4. Order entrees with lots of colorful fruits and vegetables.
  5. Eat fresh vegetable & fruits salads. Have foods made with whole grains.
  6. Kids love eating pastas, noodles etc, hence have tomato sauces instead of cream sauces.
  7. Order foods that are baked, grilled, broiled, poached or steamed.
  8. Eat foods that are cooked in less butter or oil.
  9. Make smart beverage choices: drink water, 100% natural fresh juice, and low-fat milk or diet soft drinks.
  10. Lastly enjoy your meal, eat slowly and stop when you are full, don’t overload yourself.


Skip the fancy drinks and drink water throughout the meal as this will help slow you down, enjoy the food more and let the message get to your brain that you are full. If you are truly interested in making good, healthy, nutritious and delectable variety of traditional, ethnic, fusion and fun foods at home then do look out for your favorite and many more yummy, appetizing and exotic recipes at:


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