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Popular Yogurt Recipes

Every thing about Popular Yogurt Recipes | Vahrehvah :

Yoghurt or yogurt or curd is a popular dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. The bacteria used to make yoghurt are known as "yoghurt cultures". Fermentation of lactose by these bacteria produces lactic acid, which acts on milk protein to give yoghurt its texture and its characteristic tang.


 Lassi is another popular yoghurt based beverage originally from the Indian subcontinent that is usually slightly salty or sweet. Lassi is a staple of Punjab and is also available in different flavors. Yoghurt plays a vital role in every household kitchen.


There are three types of yogurt: regular (whole milk), low-fat and skim. Low-fat and skim yogurt are good for people who are on a cholesterol lowering diet or just simply watching their weights. This type of yoghurt does not raise blood cholesterol levels. Yoghurt is fresh dairy product that must be stored in the refrigerator.


Yoghurt is known and consumed in almost all parts of the world. Mediterranean Countries use a lot of yoghurt in their cuisine. Eating yoghurt everyday is very good for the health and supplements their protein, calcium and vitamins. Yoghurt is not just a delicious snack with fruits on the bottom, it has great health benefits. It is an excellent source of protein, calcium, riboflavin and vitamin B 12. When yoghurt is compared to milk, yoghurt contains more calcium and protein because of the added cultures in the yogurt.


Some of the health benefits of yoghurt are: It improves natural defence, it contains a good amount of phosphorus and 88% water. People with a risk of osteoporosis should eat at least one serving of yogurt per day. It has also been claimed that yoghurt may protect against some types of cancer.


Fresh yogurt is digested in about one hour as compared to the three hours it can take to digest milk. Individuals who have trouble digesting milk may find that fresh yogurt is much easier to digest and actually aids in their digestion as well. Other health benefits from fresh yogurt include decreased bloating, relief of both constipation and diarrhea and other stomach disorders.


Like most other ingredients, yogurt has created a niche in Indian cuisine and is added to varied recipes to make the dish exotic, unique, delectable and flavourful. It is widely used in south Indian cuisine and has created recipes that are par excellence and mouth-watering.


Below listed are some of the fantastic and delectable dishes made from this humble and fresh milky white, sweet and sour ingredient commonly known as yogurt, curd, perugu etc: Curd Yogurt Curd/plain yogurt or dahi is a dairy product obtained by curdling milk with an edible acidic substance such as curd itself, lemon juice or vinegar.


Plain Lassi

It is one of the finest, unique and refreshing summer coolants. A very popular beverage throughout the Asian countries! India is well known for its food but hardly people know that we have an array of natural drinks that are both distinctive and refreshing. Dilution of yoghurt into a very thin consistency with adding water is actually Lassi. A plain lassi is just made by thick curd or yoghurt, salt or sugar, ice cubes and water.


Lassi can be customized in any way you like by adding tropical fruits such as mango, strawberries etc to enhance the flavor and taste and making it refreshing and delectable. The most common flavors used in Lassi are the Mango (Mango Lassi), rose water and plain sugar (Sweet Lassi).


Raita is an Indian garnish or accompaniment which acts as a cooling flavor to the spicy dishes where it mollifies the chili in the curry and refreshes the palates. Raita in Indian cuisine is served as a side dish and is made by blending thick yoghurt with various fresh fruits, vegetables and spices. There are many variations of raita like the cucumber raita, tomato raita, onion raita, mint and coriander raita, boondi raita and so on….

Mor Kuzhambu

Mor Kuzhambu or More kulambu is a versatile dish and can be made with a variety of vegetables added into the savoury gravy which includes Winter melon (ash gourd, neer poosanikkai or petha), ripe mango, brinjal, cucumber, drum stick, potato, manathakali vatral, sundaikkai vatral etc. Mor or More in Tamil means buttermilk while kulambu or Kuzhambu is gravy or curry.


There are various ways of making the More Kuzhambu. Some sect of people use peppercorns to spice the gravy while some use green chillies. Both impart impeccable and unique flavours to the dish. Green chillies along with fresh coconut are a fantastic combination; sweetness from the coconut and heat from the green chillies is balanced righty to enhance and offer fantastic savour to the Kuzhambu.


More Kuzhambu may also be called by various names in India such as Kachiya moru in Malayalam, Majjiga Charu or Majjiga pulusu in Telugu, Majjige huli or Majjige saaru in Kannada, or Kadhi in Gujarathi or Hindi and all of these are similarly cooked with very little variations done according to their regional ingredients and flavours.


Okra Curd Curry Vendakkai More Kuzhambu 

This is simply a very satisfying south Indian flavourful dish made with fried Okras added to mildly heated tangy gravy made with yogurt spiced with mixture of fresh coconut, little rice and green chillies; flavoured with curry leaves. A very easy to prepare dish that tastes absolutely refreshing with rice!

Snake Gourd Yogurt Curry 

The snake gourd yogurt curry is also popularly called as Potlakaya perugupachadi in Telugu, Podalangai thayir pachadi in Tamil, snake gourd raita, or snake gourd in yogurt gravy. This yogurt curry or pachadi is a very popular south Indian dish especially made in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. 

It is a effortless dish made with the humble snake gourd which belongs to the cucumber family and is low in calorie and fiber rich vegetable. The tempering with mustard & cumin seeds in mustard oil gives a pleasant warmth and flavour mixed into the yogurt. This dish is mildly spiced with just finely chopped green chillies and very few red chillies.

Potatoes in Yogurt curry - Dahi Aloo 

Potatoes in yogurt curry or Aloo Dahi wala is boiled potato cubes sautéed in oil and added to a mildly spiced yogurt based gravy. A very simple dish but delicious too.

Chicken in Yogurt Curry with flavors of Kashmir 

Chicken cooked in yogurt curry is a fantastic dish from the Kashmiri cuisine using exotic flavours from fennel powder and ginger powder along with other flavourful spices.It is a mildly spiced dish, aromatic and very delicious which can be eaten with naan, roti, chapatti or rice.

Yogurt Curry - Plain Sweet Kadhi 

Yogurt curry – Plain sweet kadhi is a yummy Gujarati dish. Buttermilk tempered with mustard seeds, cumin and fresh curry leaves and thickened with a mix of gram flour and all-purpose flour.

curd rice 

Curd rice or Yogurt rice is a simple delicacy made in South India. Cooked rice is combined with curd or yoghurt and then seasoned with chilly, curry leaves, ginger, urad dal, mustard seeds, Channa dal and hing.

Dahi Bhendi

Here's a great way to enjoy a Rajasthani delicacy that is simply sumptuous and low in calories. Choose young and tender bhindis for this recipe that will cook quickly. Above all, the rich and fascinating aroma is so tempting that you won't feel that you're eating low calorie food.

Kadai Gosht - Mutton 

Kadhai Gosht is a Mughlai dish, quite popular in wedding menu. Lamb pieces nicely cooked until luscious in aromatic and flavourful spicy gravy.

Tandoori Chicken 

A popular Indian dish consisting of chicken marinated in a mixture of yoghurt and spices traditionally cooked in high temperatures in a tandoor (clay oven) and also can be prepared on a traditional barbecue grill.

Butter Milk

Buttermilk refers to a number of dairy drinks. Originally, buttermilk was the liquid left behind after churning butter out of cream. Buttermilk is the best summer coolant and very healthy drink. It is made with yoghurt which is churned well and the fresh butter is separated.

Mint Chutney 

Mint chutney made with frest mint, spiced with few green chillies, have a pleasant warm, fresh, aromatic, sweet-spicy flavor with a cool after taste. Mint chutney is best for kababs, pakodas and mix with rice and top your sandwiches.

VahChef's Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken Masala is one of the most popular Indian chicken dishes liked by most of us for its mild, subtle flavours and deliciously rich creamy gravy. Its gravy can be made as hot or mild as you like that suits your palates.

Chicken Bhuna Masala

Bhuna masala is a basic simple masala made with red chillies, garam masala and garlic that is used for flavouring different types of meat and vegetables curries. The Indian spices used are rich in spiciness, flavourful and aromatic. Bhuna literally means sautéing or browning, hence the spices are firstly nicely roasted and ground to make a classic spice powder. ”Bhuna” is also a technique of searing the meat first with the spice mix and cooking the seared meat in low flame for few hours.


This slow cooking process helps the chicken or meat to cook in its own juices.This process results in giving a deep strong flavours with some very thick sauce. The meat cooked in a slow cooking process along with freshly ground spices gives an amazingly golden colour to the dish. Tip- Thighs & drumstick cut pieces suits well for making this dish. Alternatively you could also just grill the seared chicken to make a perfect crisp and juicy appetizer.

Baingan Ka Salan 

This is another variation of Bagarey baigan having intense flavours, brinjal engulfed in spices and cooked with them giving a wonderful taste.

Chicken Tariwala 

This is a classic Punjabi recipe, and I have seen many Punjabi ladies make this recipe to perfection. The key to this recipe is Coriander powder, which is used heavily and hence, its flavor.

Dahi Masala Hara Kofta Curry 

Thotakura masala/ Dahi masala hara koftas is an excellent and classic green vegetable kofta curry made with the some exotic flavours from the amaranth leaves added to spices and chickpea flour; deep fried in roundel shapes and cooked in yogurt based gravy that balances the taste. Amazing spiced amaranth kofta dumplings cooked in exotic yogurt based saucy gravy is bliss to the taste buds. Goes extremely well with rice, roti, chapatti etc!

Mushroom Korma

Mushroom korma Mushrooms flavoured with whole spices and cooked with a nutty yoghurt based gravy and this is a vegetarian option for the various non vegetarian dishes.

Chicken Korma

Chicken korma recipe, Korma, kormaa, qorma, khorma, or kurma is a dish originating in South Asia or Central Asia which can be made with yogurt, cream, nut and seed pastes or coconut milk. It is a type of curry. Murg korma is a very comfort food and always a safe bet over any other non vegetarian dishes.

Aromatic Vegetable Rice - Alu Gobi Ki Tahari

A very popular combination of aloo and ghobi cooked along with rice. This is a popular dish predominantly in the areas of Uttar Pradesh.

Beetroot kurma 

This is a mildly spiced and different variation of the popular south Indian kurma; beetroot cooked in a yogurt based saucy spicy gravy. Goes very well with parottas.

Royal Kitchen Recipe - Lauki Musallam

Housewives in Rajasthan create exciting dishes out of what seem the most common vegetables, herbs and spices. This recipe is another such classic example. Bottle gourd stuffed with spicy paneer is tossed in flavourful tomato based gravy. Although curds are used to prepare most Rajasthani gravies, the use of tomato provides an interesting twist and a delightful variation to recipes.

Shimla Mirch Ka Salan 

Shimla mirch ka salan - Shimla mirch or bell pepper cooked in an excellent dish where bell peppers are cooked in a flavourful dahi ka salan (yogurt based gravy made with a combination of peanut, coconut and sesame seeds).

Sour Potoato Curry - Aloo Dahi Ka Salan 

Aloo Dahi Ka Salan is a fantastic dish where aloo or potatoes are cooked in a spicy, tangy, sour yogurt based gravy.

Aloo Palak Biryani 

Aloo palak Biryani is one of the Indian style biryani, definitely say that aloo palak is our all time favorite and this pulao was one of the best and better way to feeding children.

Rajasthani Gatta Curry 

Rajasthani Gatta curry or Gatte ki subzi is a very popular Rajasthani vegetarian dish made from besan atta (Bengal flour or chickpea flour). Dumplings made from gram flour and dry spices are steamed and cooked in a spicy and tangy yoghurt based sauce. This dish tastes exceptionally good with any type of India flat bread like roti, chapatti, paratha, puri or bhakri or steamed rice.

Dahi Vada South Indian

 Dahi vada (lentil dumplings) is a popular Indian chaat, prepared by soaking vadas in thick dahi. The hot deep fried vadas are first soaked in water and then transferred to thick beaten yogurt. These are great as a side dish for a formal dinners.

Chicken Koftas Korma 

Chicken koftas korma in a mild khorma gravy which is nutty and aromatic and has a special unique aroma and goes very well with roties and naan and pulao.

Korma with Cashew Nuts – Kaju Korma 

Korma with Cashew Nuts is a dish fit for the royals and the best vegetarian dish to be included in the wedding banquet menu. Whole cashew nuts are soaked and cooked in a rich gravy of butter and cream , fit for the creme dela crème.

Chicken and potatoes ala Blanc - Sofyani Murg Dahi Aloo 

This is one of rich recipe which influenced by Muglai cuisine. Sofyani murgh you won’t find in normal restaurant only in speciality restaurant or in five star hotels because it costs it is a flavour chicken dish which can served with roti, naan, and also hot rice.

Achari paneer 

Achari Paneer has a thick pickled gravy, gives a very spicy and tangy flavour. Achari Paneer is often served with tandoori rotis and chapatis.

Egg Biryani 

Egg biryani is perfect combo made with hard boiled eggs added into flavored rice striking of aroma and richness. Biryani is loved by all mainly for its distinctive spices and the flavorful rice that is made with basmati rice, spices, egg, chicken, meat, fish or vegetables.

Hyderabadi Dum Ka Murgh with Coconut Poppyseeds 

Dum ka murgh is a speciality Hyderabadi dish a chicken marinated with spices and yogurt for minimum 3 to 4 hours and cooked in a Hyderabadi dum process.

Lauki Ka Salan - Bottlegourd in Yougurt Curry 

Bottlegourd or lauki/ kaddu cooked in mildly spiced yogurt based curry.

Barbecue Flavoured Lamb

BBQ Flavoured Lamb Chops Recipe : Tasty lamb chops, marinated and pan grilled,BBQ Flavoured Lamb Chops Indianised prepration made of lamb chops.

Achari chicken

 Amazing and fantastic dish, chicken cooked with spicy pickling tempering ingredients.

Dum Ka Chicken - Traditional Cooking Method

 Dum Ka Chicken in traditional method – A popular Hyderabadi dish known as Dum ka Murgh, is a very rich, aromatic and flavourful dish; chicken cooked in its own juices combined with lot of spices, almonds and cream in slow cooking method.

Basic Mother Gravy - Dahi ka Salan 

This is the variation of salan gravy with addition of curd in the salan gravy.

Moolachi Kadi 

Moolachi kadi, radish grated, tempered and cooked until soft in a delicious, creamy and slightly spicy besan and yogurt mixture. Moolachi Kadi tastes extremely good with hot steamed rice.

Punjabi Kadi Pakodi 

Punjabi kadi pakodi is a popular dish from the Punjabi cuisine where pakoras are made and cooked in tangy sour and spice yoghurt sauce thickened with besan flour.

Chicken In White Rassa - Pandhra rassa 

Chicken in white rassa is a classic dish from the Maharashtrian cuisine where chicken in cooked in a popular Pandhra rassa.

Lalboplachi Barith - kadoo Bartha 

Lalboplachi Barith - kadoo Bartha, pumpkin mashed and made into raita.

Chicken Rezala – Mughlai Delicacies 

Rezala is confined itself within the periphery of Kolkata. A medium thin white gravy chicken recipe that is best served with roomali roti or biriyani. This dish is just magical with its aroma, texture and taste.

Raita Pickle

Kannur Tomato Pachadi 

This is a Kerela style pachadi popularly prepared in a place called Kannur, this tomato pachadi is speciality of that place. This is basically a yogurt based pachadi by adding tempering to it and goes well with rotis, pulao, and biryani.

Most of the above dishes are always tempting with its rich, subtle seductive magic of flavours and sheer visual delight that allures our taste buds.

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