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Paneer and Spinach wonton is an Indo Chinese recipe made with shredded spinach, cottage cheese (paneer) flavored with chopped garlic; spiced with white pepper powder rolled in a wonton skin and deep fried to make it crispy and soft and creamy inside. This dish can be served as a fantastic starter or appetizer. Wonton or wantan or wanton or wumtun in transcription from Cantonese, Mandarin is a type of dumpling commonly found in number of Chinese cuisines. They are generally made by spreading a wrapper flat in the palm of ones hand, placing a small amount of filling in the center and sealed into the desired shape by compressing the wrapper's edges together with the fingers. Adhesion may be improved by moistening the wrapper's inner edges, typically by dipping a fingertip into water and running it across the dry dough to dissolve the extra flour. As part of the sealing process, air should be "burped" out of the interior to avoid rupturing the wonton from internal pressure when cooked. Wontons are commonly boiled and served in soup or sometimes deep-fried and are several common regional variations of shape. The most versatile shape is a simple right triangle, made by folding the wrapper in half by pulling together two opposite corners. Its flat profile allows it to be pan-fried like a potsticker in addition to being boiled or deep-fried. A more globular shape of wonton can be formed by folding all four corners together, resulting in a shape reminiscent of a stereotypical hobo's bindle made by tying all four corners of a bandanna together. The much larger Korean deep-fried dim sim has a similar shape, but wontons in this configuration are more commonly served in soup. A related kind of wonton is made by using the same kind of wrapper, but applying only a minute amount of filling (frequently meat) and quickly closing the wrapper-holding hand, sealing the wonton into an unevenly squashed shape. These are called xiao huntun (literally "little wonton") and are invariably served in a soup, often with condiments such as pickles, ginger, sesame oil, and cilantro (coriander leaves). Each region of China has its own variations of wonton, examples include Beijing, Sichuan, Hubei, Jiangnan, Jiangxi, Guangdong (Cantonese), Fujian, etc.In Cantonese cuisine, shrimp filled wonton within minced pork is most commonly served with thin noodles to make wonton noodles. In Sichuan, semi-pentagonal wontons are known as chāo shǒu (lit. "crossed hands" ) since after initially folding the wonton skin into a right triangle, each end of the hypotenuse are pressed against the middle of opposite sides, creating an impression of crossed arms/hands. These are often served in a sesame paste and chili oil sauce as a dish called "red oil wonton”. In Shanghai and its surrounding area (Jiangnan), Wonton filling is most often made with minced meat and bok choy served in chicken soup; however, Shanghai cuisine makes a clear distinction between small wontons and large wontons. The former are casually wrapped by closing the palm on a wrapper with a dab of pork and vegetable filling as if crumpling a sheet of paper. These are popular accompaniments to breakfast or brunch fare. The "large" wontons are carefully wrapped (often resembling a large tortellini) and a single bowl can serve as lunch or a light dinner. Paneer and spinach makes a great combination. It is also used Indian cooking especially combining both to make the delicious, rich and creamy Palak paneer where Palak means spinach and paneer is the Indian cottage cheese. For preparing the Paneer and Spinach Wonton, firstly heat a little oil in a pan for stuffing. Fry chopped garlic and onion in the pan and sauté well. When browned add crumbled paneer and cook till dry. Now add shredded spinach. Add salt to taste and white pepper powder and mix well. Place this mixture in a bowl and allow it to cool.  Stuff wonton stuff with this mixture and seal them with a little water on all 4 sides. Deep fry wontons till light brown and place them in a serving bowl. Serve hot with sauces. You can have any favorite or delicious stuffing of your choice like Shrimp wonton, chicken, fish etc. Wontons are a very popular dish in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Even different provinces in China have different names and different cooking styles for this popular dish. To try this delectable snack, do click on the below link for detailed recipe: Paneer and spinach wonton makes a delicious and nutritious dish as Spinach is wonderful leafy veggy which has numerous health benefits and its ability to help prevent or control diseases with health conditions. Spinach is an excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Vitamin K, manganese, foliate, magnesium, Iron, Calcium and Potassium. It is a very good source of dietary fiber, copper, protein, phosphorus, zinc and vitamin E. In addition it also has Omega-3 fatty acids, niacin and selenium.

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