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Every thing about KHARA PAPETA | Vahrehvah :

Khara Papeta is a simple Parsi dish made with potatoes cooked in delicious tomato gravy combined with spices and flavors. This is a very popular potato dish made in every Parsi home. Khara in Parsi language means salty hence the proportion of salt in this recipe is a bit more than what is supposed to be in a regular subzi.

Generally a Parsi lunch consists of rice eaten with lentils/ curry whereas dinner would include a meat dish often accompanied by potatoes/ other vegetable curry. Onion-cucumber salad known as kachumbar is a must for most meals in Parsi household. Parsi cuisine is completely Indian with the flavors of its history adding an ineffable touch.

Their cooking combines techniques and ingredients from across the globe, specially known for their unique blend of spices and flavors which makes the food appetizing, nutritious and wholesome. Over the centuries, the Parsis merged and absorbed the rich heritage of the country; their culinary art underwent a subtle transformation. Keeping their recipes and method of cooking intact they have also experimented with various other new methods and flavors.

The repertoire of the Parsi cuisine includes a delicious variety of fish, poultry, meat and egg dishes along with ample vegetarian, rice and desserts so as to keep the interests of vegetarians bright. Fish is said to be a Parsi favorite and the Indian coasts feed their recipes with delight. Pomfret, sole fish, halibut and plaice find a special place on the Parsi dining table along with prawns and Bombay duck (bombole).

Khari Machli, a versatile dish served on its own or with Khichri (Spicy Lentil Rice) or sweet turmeric rice. Fish and chutney bake and bhujeli kolmi (prawns) are popular bakes. Kolmino sahs, bhinda-ma kolmi and bhaji kolmino patio are contrasting prawn dishes. Tarapori patio is a traditional Bombay duck pickle.

Chicken and mutton also form an indispensable part of Parsi cooking and have varied innumerable recipes which include the mince, cutlets, kababs and curries. The basic and very popular preparations find meat cooked with fried onion and ginger-garlic paste, which give a delicious flavor to the brown gravy. They are also generally cooked with a variety of vegetables. Dhansak is popular and cooked in every Parsi house.

For preparing the Khara papeta, firstly peel the potatoes and cut them into equal sized cubes. Chop garlic and ginger and keep aside. Heat oil in a pan or kadai and fry the chopped onions till they turn golden brown in color. Add cumin seeds, chopped garlic and ginger. Add potatoes cubes, salt and mix well.

Fry it for few minutes. Add little water and cook over medium flame till potatoes are cooked. Mix in chopped tomatoes. Garnish with freshly chopped coriander leaves. Khara papeta is ready to be served. This dish can be served with rotli, chapatti or pooris etc.

Do try this delicious and simple vegetarian dish. Click on the below link for detailed recipe:

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