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Lamb Curry

Lamb curry is a very popular dish from the Kashmiri cuisine known as Rogan josh. It is exceptionally a delicious blend of aromatic spices and flavors. Rogan josh or lamb curry is easy, simple fresh and a healthy recipe which is meaty classy and unique to taste. Lamb curry traditionally is a classic dish rich in appearance and taste and is a great way to be enjoyed during a party or feast. A nice way to really indulge your taste buds in a creamy, rich, spicy, aromatic and exotic meat dish that you always crave for! Now a day’s lamb meat has become very pricy and rarely eaten. It is normally cooked when there is a get together a home or during a party or event. The preparation of Lamb curry has its influences from the Mughal cuisine and is one of the largest Muslim influences all over India A basic lamb curry or Rogan josh is a fine delicacy that encircles its aroma between the Kashmir state of India and Pakistan. It is equally admired in both these countries. The Lamb curry is delicately and passionately cooked with medium sized mutton pieces, freshly ground spices and ghee (clarified butter). They are cooked till tender, succulent texture in a stunningly rich sauce packed with full of zest and flavors. Traditionally the lamb curry is cooked in ghee (clarified butter), spices fried in fat to stimulate the flavors and infuse the fat with the essence. Yoghurt is added along with tomatoes to give that tang and thicken the gravy. As Almonds are very popular in Kashmir they are also added to enhance the richness and flavor. Almonds add texture, flavor and also thicken the sauce. The lamb curry gets its spiciness from chili and fresh pepper powder. To enjoy this splendid and delightful delicacy, do serve with any flat Indian bread like the chapatti, paratha, naan. This classic and trendy Lamb curry showcases its master of flavors and the fiery delights of this authentic Kashmiri delicacy. As its one of the well known dish from the Mughlai cuisine, the dish is cooked slowing giving it the perfect taste and blend. There are a variety of dishes that can be made with lamb meat like the Kashmiri Gustaba (another lamb delicacy from the Kashmiri cuisine apart from Rogan Josh), Hot lamb masala, Mutton Stew and not to forget the mutton biryani. For preparing the Lamb curry, firstly add oil to the pan and when it gets hot add whole spices like cardamoms, cloves, cinnamon and bay leaves. Add cumin seeds and chopped onions and cook till they are slightly brown at the edges. Add salt to taste, turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste and sauté well. When the raw flavors are gone add the cleaned and washed lamb pieces and mix all the ingredients thoroughly well and cook. Add chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin powder and add little water and mix. Cover the pan with lid and cook for 20 to 30 minutes till the lamb is 90% cooked. You can also cook lamb in a pressure cooker so that it gets cooked faster.  Add green chilli, coconut powder and pepper powder and cook for another 10 minutes till the sauce is thickened. The lamb curry is ready to serve. Serve hot with roti, naan or rice. Lamb curry is an excellent dish that attracts one and all. It is an all time favorite to many and a crowd pleaser. Once eaten, would make you crave for more. It’s attractive, appetizing with rich flavors and taste. If at all you are a meat lover, than you must try this dish which will give you all the pleasure and delight of eating good food. Click on the link for detailed recipe at:

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