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Adai Idlis – No fermentation batter

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 Adai Idli is a wonderful and excellent breakfast dish, smooth, fluffy and yummy Idlis made with Adai batter.  If you are bored of eating the regular idlis and oily adai, then this is one of the remarkable dishes from the south Indian cuisine where medley of pulses and lentils ground together to coarse paste with fermenting; and made into enticing Idlis. Adai Idlis are healthy, nutritious and delicious to eat. It is protein rich, less fat used and nicely steam cooked.


This dish is made with idli rice combined with urad dal, chana dal, flavoured with curry leaves, hing (asafetida) and spiced with red chilli all ground together to make a batter which is rested for about 2 to 3 hours and then made into delicious Idlis.


Adai Idlis tastes excellently well with coconut chutney. Adai Adai is one of the most popular breakfast dishes from the south Indian cuisine. Rich in carbohydrates and proteins, it is a very simple yet very delicious and nutritious to eat.


Generally known as Adai dosa, it is served with coconut chutney and made into slightly medium thick pancake. As Adai is a multi lentil crepe, it is crispy, light and a stomach filling breakfast. Adai is made of four healthy lentils like the channa dal, moong dal, tur dal and urad dal, spiced with red chillies, fresh peppercorns and flavoured with ginger pieces. This delicious crepe is quite a heavy dish and one cannot eat more than 2 or 3 crepes at one time. Usually fresh ginger and methi seeds are added that help in proper digestion.


Moreover ginger also gives a warmth and spicy flavour to the adai. Adai is a little thicker than the normal basic dosa. Adai is a high protein dish and can also be eaten with milaga podi and ghee. Curry leaves is the main flavouring ingredient added in this Adai idli. It gives a refreshing aroma and flavour to the pancake.


Curry leaves are vital ingredient in most Indian curries especially south India. They also add exotic taste in additional to the enormous medicinal values it has. Curry leaves improve functioning of the stomach and small intestine and promote their action.


They improve the quality of digestive juices secreted during digestion. Their action starts with intake. Their smell, taste and visual impression initiates salivary secretion and initiates the peristaltic wave, which is the first step in good digestion.


They are mildly laxative and thus can tackle multiple digestive problems caused by food intake. They are directly added to food or an extract in the form of juice is added to buttermilk and consumed at the end of lunch/dinner. Finally they add to taste and have digestive properties.


Adai Idli is an excellent dish and also an ideal choice if you are bored eating the regular idlis. There are a variety of Adai’s that one can make for delighting their taste buds. Some of the popular ones are:


Cheese Adai Dosa Rice and Dal Adai Paruppu Adai Dosai Mix Veg Multi Dal Adai Cheese Dosa Moringa-Ragi Adai Idli Idli is a very popular and traditional dish to south Indian cuisine. It is a savory cake usually made with a batter consisting of fermented de-husked black lentils and rice. Semolina or Cream of Wheat may also be used for rava idli. The cakes are steamed cooked and served with coconut chutney and sambar. It is also accompanied with Milagai podi, a mixtures of crushed dry spices and lentils. Idli is a very common breakfast dish that is light and easily digestible.


Variations of Idlis: There are a variety of non-traditional idlis made to suit the customer’s taste and need. Some of the popular variations of Idlis that exist these days are:


Kaima Idli Chilly Idli Oats Rava Idli Kanjeepuram Idli Mallige Idli Or Jasmine Idli And many more varieties… 

How to make Adai Idlis:


2 tbsp Chana daal
1 springs Curry leaves
  pinch ENO fruit salt
  pinch Hing
1 cup Idly rice
3 number Red chilly
  to taste Salt
2 tbsp Urad daal


Directions: Take a bowl and add idly rice (you can use regular rice also), urad daal, chana daal, curry leaves, red chillies and add water. Wash it once and drain the water and add some fresh water, salt, hing and soak this at least 3 to 4 hours, then put it into the blender and make a medium coarse paste. In this add ENO (or) baking soda and mix it well. Pour the mixture into the idly container and put this stand into the cooker and cook this till adai idly is soft. Serve with coconut chutney or sambar. Adai Idli is an excellent choice if you are bored with normal Idli, dosa, or Adai dosa. Comparatively the Adai Idli is quicker, healthier and light to eat. Do try this dish and you’ll surely love the taste. Watch the making of Adai Idli and enjoy cooking.

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