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Saoji Maharashtrian Egg curry is a very rich spicy traditional Maharashtrian dish made with some very exotic fresh spices mixed to onions and tomato based gravy added with boiled eggs, infusing the flavours into the eggs to make it absolutely luscious when you take a bite.


This is a specialty dish of Nagpur city in central India. It is a very spicy dish said by not just seeing the colour of the dish but also the list of authentic spices used to make it spicy, very flavourful & appetizing dish. Eggs Eggs are good and versatile ingredient that is used in making sweet and savoury dishes.


They are cooked in different ways to suit different dishes. Eggs can be eaten raw, half-boiled, boiled, baked, scrambled etc. Hard-boiled eggs are a great way to add little protein and vitamin D (in the yolk) to your day. Generally many of us find the flavour or taste of plain eggs boring, so you could enjoy them adding to any of the lip smacking and appetizing egg-cellent recipes. Boiled eggs are simple enough to serve for lunch and if want it to be cooked elegantly, then you could add them into some truly mouth-watering dishes that would appease your taste buds. Boiling eggs are also a great way to create an instant meal without much ado.


Since long time people have been nourishing and taken the benefits of healthy nutrients from eggs. The egg has taken its place in religious as well as culinary history. In Christianity, the symbol of the decorated egg has become synonymous with Easter.


These humble wonderful eggs have impressive health credentials. They are good of our human body as they contain vitamin A, D and E, all the fats (especially lecithin), iron, sulphur and proteins. They are a very good source of inexpensive high quality protein. Eggs are vital to a number of classic recipes so here are just a few of my favourites:


Egg Roast – Kerala recipe Coconut and Egg Curry Egg Croquettes Fried Boiled Eggs Egg Pakora Eggs in Spicy Chettinad Masala Paneer Egg Rolls Nargisi Kofta Saoji/ Savji cuisine Saoji also known as Savji is a small community from the Nagpur region situated in Central India.


They are an Indian caste, claim descent from the mythological Puranic King Sahasrarjuna, belong to the lunar dynasty of the Arya race. They are also called Khatri in parts of Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh. Nagpur is a very popular place known for many things – the summer heat, oranges and culinary delicacies created from this community. One such delicacy of Nagpur is the exotic, spicy and hot Saoji food. This cuisine is also commonly known as Saoji Waradi which is famous for its hot flavour and some irresistible delicacies made.


If you are a spicy food lover, then these dishes will really get noticeable under your list of menus once you taste this food. A must try dish for all spicy food lovers and will surely get addicted to its taste. Saoji dishes used a special mix of masala which is freshly roasted, ground and used in most of their non-vegetarian dishes which actually makes them spicy and enhances the taste and flavour. The special ingredients (Saoji masala) used in preparation of this curry or Saoji food include poppy seeds (Khus-Khus), powdered coconut, black pepper, dry coriander, bay leaves, grey cardamom, cinnamon, cloves, mace etc.


Saoji community is well known for its hot and spicy non-vegetarian delicacies and Saoji masala which is added into their curries. Saoji people are mostly non-vegetarians and prepare a variety of meat dishes. Goat meat, chicken and fish forms major component of Savji cuisine along with other vegetarian dishes.


Saoji Chicken curry is a very popular dish mainly for its hot and spicy flavours. Apart from savoury dishes they are found of sweets also, dishes like Puran poli, Mithi dal (Hygru), Malido and Labshi influenced from Maharashtrian, North Karnataka, Hyderabadi and Saurashtrian cuisines.

How to make Saoji Maharashtrian Egg Curry:


Boiled Eggs                           -           4 nos

Cardamom                            -           3 nos

Cinnamon sticks                  -           2 nos

Cloves                                     -           3 nos

Coconut powder                   -           1 tbsp

Coriander seeds                   -           ½ tsp

Fennel seeds                         -           ¼ tsp

Ginger garlic paste              -           1 tsp

Kashmiri red chillies          -           5 nos

Mace                                      -           1 no

Marathi mugah (kapokh)    -           1 no

Oil                                           -           1 tbsp

Onion, chopped                   -           1 no

Poppy seeds                         -           ½ tsp

Salt                                         -           to taste

Shahi jeera                           -           ¼ tsp

Spinach                                 -           ¼ cup

Tomates                                 -           3 nos


Heat a pan, add whole garam masala, fennel seeds, poppy seeds, coriander seeds, mace, Kashmiri red chillies and dry roast the ingredients till you get a sweet aroma. Add coconut powder and sauté on a slow flame. Allow cooling and blend to make a powder. Heat oil in pan and when it gets hot, add chopped onions, salt and cook till the onions turn golden in colour. Add turmeric powder, ginger garlic paste, tomatoes and cook nicely without adding any water. Cook on a slow flame till tomatoes are soft and get completely mashy.


Add chopped spinach, sauté and add little water and cover the pan with a lid. Cook for 2 minutes over slow flame and then add boiled eggs. Cook this for some time and add chopped coriander leaves. Serve hot with roti, chapatti, phulka or rice. This is a wonderful, flavourful and spicy Egg curry, spinach giving out a unique taste to it. Do try this recipe and you will realise what you had missed till today. I am sure you will be doing over and over again to please your family in eating these humble flavourful spicy eggs. Check the video and enjoy cooking.

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