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Mind What You Eat!

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To maintain a good health, nutrition is very essential to the body.  All of us love food and love eating a variety of dishes. To mind what you eat, it is important to know what you want to eat and how much to eat. We all feel hungry that’s when you eat to satisfy the body’s fuel likewise when you eat to satisfy your taste buds it is your appetite.

Do remember that eat when you are hungry and not because you are bored. Appetite is said to be the desire to eat based on pleasures such as Taste, Aroma and Texture. If all these are extremely good then that’s what causes us to eat beyond hunger. There is a popular saying “One should eat to live, not live to eat”.

Nowadays with the numerous varieties of junk foods, convenience foods readily available, most of us get tempted in eating these types of foods. But then in the long run, if you are indulging yourself in eating a lot of junk foods then you need to be ready to face the consequences such as Obesity, Hypertension, High Cholesterol, Type 2 Diabetes, Eating disorders etc.

To Mind What You Eat, you need to follow a proper diet. A diet is a pattern of eating that includes what a person eats, how much a person eats and when a person eats. Before you actually feel hungry and want to eat remember that, ‘What you eat affects your Mind, Body and emotions’.

Tips to follow a Healthy Diet:

  1. Go slow on making changes. Making drastic changes in your diet may lead to temptation or depression.
  2. Make small changes. Add fresh salads to your diet and reduce the portion size of every meal.
  3. Drink a glass of water before you start your meal.
  4. Do not focus majorly on counting on the calories that you are eating but look for healthier options that would satisfy your taste buds.
  5. Have small portion of your favorite meal once in a while as this would not do much harm.
  6. Focus on eating your food, its flavors and textures; this will help you understand when you are full.
  7. Eat foods that are rich in calcium and iron. Keep fat to minimum. Cut on saturated fats and sugar.
  8. Include a wide variety of fresh foods, fruits and vegetables to ensure that you get a balanced diet that your body receives all the nutrients it requires for the day.

You also need to be aware that behavioral factors influence our eating pattern to a great extent. Emotions such as depression, bored, nervousness, anxiety, happiness etc make you turn to food; hence controlling these impulses can be helped with mindful eating.

Apart from developing healthy eating habits, you should also understand that working on any type of physical activity or regular exercising will keep you fit and strong. Enjoy cooking and eat healthy and hygienic homemade foods.

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