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Top 10 Rich Foods in Vitamin D - staying young and healthy

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Vitamin D is a crucial and key nutrient for bone formation and mainly helps in clearing of osteoporosis and bone thinning, hence needs to be cleverly added into your diet. As such we also get vitamin D from sunlight thus is advised by doctors to sit in the sun for a few minutes each day.

Vitamin D is a fat soluble vitamin plays a vital role in the human body as it has many function and task to perform. A lack of vitamin D can lead to serious health problems. Deficiency of vitamin D can cause severe impairment of bone growth, rickets in children and other chronic health conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease etc.

Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption in the body which leads to strong bones. It is generally advised that an average healthy adult between the ages of 19 and 50 require taking about 200 IU’s of vitamin D per day.

Other adults need to take higher levels to ensure proper bone maintenance. Foods that contain vitamin D are Milk, Fish with high fat content such as tuna, salmon, catfish have high levels of vitamin D, whole eggs and fortified cereals.

Top 10 Vitamin D rich foods:

Fish: Salmon has the highest amount of vitamin D among all the other sources. It is a fatty fish with high fat content and makes an excellent source of vitamin D. Other variety of fishes rich in vitamin D includes Mackerel, sardines, catfish and tuna.

Apart from vitamin D, they are excellent source of high quality protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids. 3 ½ ounce of salmon with provide you with 80% of the vitamin D you require.

White Button Mushrooms: Button mushroom is a fantastic and super delicious ingredient. It add flavor to a variety of dishes like soups, pizzas, pastas etc. They are an excellent source of vitamin D as they are exposed to sun’s UV light while growing. Mushroom also provides many nutritional benefits. Shitake mushrooms are considered the best source of Vitamin D among all mushrooms. One ounce of button mushroom delivers 8 IU of vitamin D.

Beef liver: Beef liver is an amazing source of vitamin D and other nutritional benefits. They provide with protein and thiamine. 3 ounces of beef liver contains 42 IU of vitamin D.

Whole Milk: Fortified Milk is a good source of vitamin D. A cup of fortified whole milk delivers about 21% of vitamin D to the body it needs for the day. One cup of milk provides 124 IU of vitamin D.

Cod Liver Oil: Cod liver oil is rarely used for cooking purpose. But we must understand that its one of the best sources of vitamin D. You could use cod liver oil as salad dressing over greens. The unique flavour actually tastes great. 1 tablespoon of cod liver oil delivers 1370 IU of vitamin D.

Eggs: Egg is a very popular ingredient used in making a variety of delicious and appetizing dishes. Eggs contain vitamin D in small amounts. They are also good source of vitamin B12 and protein. One egg daily in your diet will provide you with 10% of recommended Vitamin D.

Tofu: Many soy products like tofu are rich sources of vitamin D and calcium. You could also create a variety of dish and include in your daily diet as they are high protein food. 100 gms of tofu provides 157 IU of vitamin D.

Orange juice: Starting your day with a freshly squeezed orange juice is very healthy. There are various brands of orange juice that are fortified with vitamin D as it isn’t naturally present in fruits and vegetables such in oranges 1 cup of orange juice delivers 100 IU of vitamin D.

Fortified Cereals:  There are few natural sources of vitamin D. For that reason, most of the vitamin D in your diet comes from fortified foods, such as dairy products and alternatives, breakfast cereals, juices and margarine. For example, a cup serving of bran flakes contains 1.3 micrograms of vitamin D, or 8.7 percent of your daily intake. All bran cereal provides 131 IU of Vitamin D, while fruit flavoured cereals provides us with 11 IU of Vitamin D.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal is often fortified with essential vitamin D. They are the best foods to start your day with as they provide you with a number of vitamins and minerals. One packet of fortified oatmeal provides 154 IU of vitamin D.

In short, we all should know that vitamin D is good for the heart, bones, muscles and more. Vitamin D fortified food products and fortified milk can also provide this essential nutrient to our body. Therefore, do make sure to include vitamin D foods in your daily diet.

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