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Mindful Eating is Nutritious Eating

Every thing about Mindful Eating is Nutritious Eating | Vahrehvah :


Today’s fast-track lifestyles with various other pressures from all walks of life pouring in are just highly distractive and set a bundle of confusion in most of our minds. Ultimately this leads to not paying proper attention to your food and health.


One gets involved in their day to day activities like their work, studies, or a range of other commitments to fulfill which often leads to neglecting their food. Competition, stress, peer-pressure in children etc are few reasons that can never keep our minds stable, but little should we realize that not eating on time, not having a proper balanced meal, indulging on fast foods will lead to many health related issues.


It is often felt that eating is not an activity hence very little attention is paid to it. Well! Here we are talking of Mindful eating. Firstly we need to understand what mindful eating is all about. Extractions from the ancient yoga philosophy preach that eating is a form of meditation. It is important that while eating, your mind and body together needs to be present and feel the moment.


You need to think about What you are eating? Chew properly and relish every morsel of the food you intake. Swallow the food and think of the good benefits that the food is going to do. This in whole is the essence of mindful eating. Here, we actually learn to get connected to everything that we eat and this helps us to actually recognize the difference between hunger and cravings for food.


It is often noticed that when we are unhappy, excited, angry etc, we usually end up overeating or not eating, but often it is over-eating. Thus, mindful eating prevents you from satisfying your emotions and keeps your mind in control on eating healthy. Mindful eating also helps you know when you are actually full and need to stop. Portion size meal is the best way to control one from over eating.


Tips for mindful eating:

  1. At meal time or in front of the food, put aside all your thoughts and just think peacefully and enjoy your food.
  2. Smell the food, enjoy its aroma, appearance and appreciate its taste.
  3. Chew your food thoroughly and relish every morsel of the bite you take in.
  4. Do not sit in front of the television, talk, or read newspaper or book while eating your food.
  5. It is very important that we respect the food in the plate and enjoy eating.
  6. Do not stuff the food. Slow down your eating pace and take smaller bites.


All said and done….it’s not that easy! To master mindful eating, one needs to practice the technique which will help in controlling the mind and the body. Do think of this, try it once and then you’ll feel the change and enjoy the activity. However training people to pay attention to their emotions is one of the powerful strategies that improve us in making good and nutritious food choices.


Do start your practice now and enjoy cooking and eating! VahChef Sanjay Thumma

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